Black Ops 3 Gets Two New Supply Drop Bundles

Now’s the best time to load up on Supply Drops thanks to the new No Dupes bonus.

If you’re still hanging around Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s multiplayer lobbies, Activision and Treyarch have a new pair of deals on Supply Drops that are especially hard to resist thanks to the new “No Dupes” bonus.

From now until January 4th, Black Ops 3 players can purchase the Supply Drop Bundle (10 Rare Supply Drops for 1,000 CoD Points) and the Big Box Bundle (100 Rare Supply Drops for 5,000 CoD Points). Under normal circumstances, both bundles are pretty good deals. However, Treyarch has sweetened the pot by activating a special No Dupes bonus.

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As its name infers, the No Dupes bonus makes it so that you will never find a duplicate of a Rare, Legendary, or Epic quality item (including new melee and ranged weapons) when opening Supply Drops. Keep in mind that you can still find duplicates of Common quality items.

The No Dupes bonus will expire at the same time as the two limited time bundles, so if you’ve been thinking of going on a Black Ops 3 Supply Drop opening spree, now is definitely the time.

If you wind up missing out on the No Dupes bonus or the new bundles, chances are good that one or both of them will be part of Treyarch’s new Black Ops 3 content plans for 2017. Other deals you can take advantage of including several Call of Duty titles being discounted during Steam's Winter Sale, and the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PS4 Slim bundle if you're thinking of checking out the newest Call of Duty title. 

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