All Call of Duty Games Discounted During Steam Winter Sale

Fill out your collection on the cheap. 

If you’ve ever wanted to own PC copies of virtually any Call of Duty game, now is the time to make your dream a reality thanks to the currently ongoing Steam Winter Sale, which has cut the prices of all major Call of Duty titles. Discounts have been applied to every core Call of Duty game from the original Call of Duty all the way up to Infinite Warfare.

If you have yet to purchase Infinity Ward’s latest Call of Duty endeavor, Infinite Warfare can be had at a 34 percent discount, bringing its price down to $39.59. Highlights amongst the series’ legacy titles include Call of Duty: World at War for $9.99, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gold Edition (which includes the base game and its first DLC pack) for $29.99, and the full Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle (which includes PC and Mac copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops and all of its DLC) for $39.99.

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You can find the full list of discounts on Steam. Additionally, if you’d rather just get everything in one fell swoop and you’ve got some extra cash to burn, you can buy the Call of Duty Definitive Edition bundle for $509.50 (a 50 percent discount of its usual $924.64 price) which contains every core Call of Duty game and its respective DLC (Infinite Warfare’s season pass is included).

Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be a standalone discount for the Infinite Warfare season pass but every other piece of Call of Duty content has had its price cut to some degree. The Steam Winter Sale is set to last until January 2nd, so you’ve got some time to consider whether any of the above offerings are worth buying.

For more Call of Duty news, be sure to check out our recent coverage of Infinite Warfare’s Sabotage DLC pack which is set to launch for PlayStation 4 next month, the latest Call of Duty bundle for the PlayStation 4 Slim, as well as the available holiday bundles for both Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered.  

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