New Modern Warfare Remastered Features Detailed

Modern Warfare Remastered will be the game you love in a modern package.

Modern Warfare Remastered is a faithful recreation of the game we all know and love, but there are a few changes to bring the classic up to modern times. In this article we’re going to discuss the minor changes that have been announced for Modern Warfare Remastered.

New Motion Capture Sequences in Modern Warfare Remastered

Raven had a lot more work than the general public may recognize as they have not done just a copy and paste job of the original COD 4, like many people have believed it to be.  There was a tremendous amount of work that went into restoring the game to the glory that it was back in 2007, one such piece of work as a recapture of the majority of cutscenes from the campaign.

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Raven has publicly announced that the motion capture team did a large majority of the cinematic scenes over again to provide better exposition or replace AI movement all together. This will be visible in many sequences throughout the campaign, but one given example was that of the mission Crew Expendable. When the bridge is breached, players and the surrounding AI have more fluent and purposed movements. Additionally, characters will interact with the environment in a smoother manner, one such example given was that of the race to get to the helicopter before the ship sinks in the same mission. Characters interact in a real manner, pushing off walls, stumbling, grabbing onto things for a brace, etc.

The new motion capture sequences in Modern Warfare Remastered, though they may not be tremendously visible, will enable players to feel more immersed into the story as a result. Certainly a changeup many could get on board with, if you were to ask us.

Weapon Animations in Modern Warfare Remastered

From COD XP and the reveal of Modern Warfare Remastered gameplay that was debuted from the event, it was noticed that there was a brand new animation, called Inspect. This is not the only animation that is new and improved in the remastered version of our beloved Modern Warfare.

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Raven has recently confirmed the addition of a natural settle animation that will take effect when players stop firing their weapons. While this one doesn’t seem to be too major, it certainly will look more fluent compared to the previous Modern Warfare resting animation when a player was done shooting. The recoil would kick a weapon high and it was fall relatively fast back to a rest. This animation promises a more natural movement to allow the gun to fall to a resting position.

As well, animations have been updated for the prone movements as well as the movement when mantling. Previously the weapons would just hover or stay the same as a standstill, but these will be dynamic with the flow of the character model and their movements. It will allow players to be better connected with the surrounding environment.

Ammunition in Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty has attracted a various number of gun fans over the years with the realistic approach that it has taken to the ballistic weaponry that is used in each and every game. With Modern Warfare Remastered being placed around the current era of weaponry, it’s easy for players to examine what is what and just how similar it is to real life. Raven made sure that if you go looking, you won’t be disappointed with the accuracy of the depictions.

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Modern Warfare Remastered features models for every caliber of bullet in the game. So if you’re a fan of a specific shell casing that pops out of a weapon, don’t worry, it’s going to be accurate to the corresponding weapon. Another interesting tidbit of information regarding shells and casings are that LMGs in Modern Warfare Remastered will now feature the proper linker size when being shot out alongside the casing. While it may not be the most game changing update to the game, it sure shows that there is a huge passion for what the team at Raven are doing with the Remaster.

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