Why the Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Beta Won't be on PC

PC players won’t be involved in the Infinite Warfare beta, we think we know why.

The Infinite Warfare beta has sparked the interest of many Call of Duty fans around the world, who will finally be able to get their hands on with the new game. The beta starts on the 14th of October but there is one key piece left out of the marketing material that is being promoted for the beta, PC players will not be taking part. There is no stated reason as to why, but having been around the community and paying close attention to the scrutiny that becomes of games from the PC world, we have an idea as to why. The reason PC players won’t get a beta: data mining.

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Black Ops 3 featured a beta for multiplayer for the first time since World at War, nearly a decade earlier. Since then, it is no surprise that the fan base has grown exponentially and as a result, the beta kick-started a massive amount of pre-orders and subsequent pre-purchases of the game so that players could partake in the beta. However, there was a massive downside that hit the game and publishing team once the beta came over to Xbox One and PC. PC players data mined and leaked numerous things from game code that was supposed to be secretive up until the launch of the game.

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For those that don’t know what data mining is, it is the ability to enter the game files, look at individual strings of code as well as assets and see everything there. Data miners on PC pulled up many things from the code such as the (at the time) unknown 9th specialist and the specific weapon associated with who we know as Firebreak, various weapons like the MP7, M27 and a weapon known as the “Power-Bolt” which is now the SVG-100, the final scorestreak that was unknown at the time which was the Hardened Sentry and various other things. From a developing standpoint it was a bit of a disappointment to see the secrets and things not intended for the public consumption to be found before the game even released if at all.

While there is no confirmation that this is entirely why there will be no beta for PC users, it could be a major reason. While the argument can be made that the PC port is not ready, it’s equally arguable that the PC port could be just fine and either is being worked on optimized or is being withheld for the exact reasoning stated above. With numerous things still relatively unknown about Infinite Warfare, there are a lot of spoiler opportunities if data mining could occur. Infinity Ward still has secrets up their sleeves, and will want to keep it that way. PC players will have to wait for the release this November.

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