Zombies in Spaceland: What You Must Know

We played Zombies in Spaceland, here is what you need to know.

Infinite Warfare is around the corner now and there are many things that we have to look forward to with the release. While Infinite Warfare is bringing on heavy narrative hitters from Naughty Dog, along with the ever popular multiplayer, it is easy to overlook the all new mode Zombies in Spaceland. Recently, we had the fortune and honor of playing Zombies in Spaceland early.  Here is what you must know about Zombies in Spaceland.

Don’t Worry! It’s Pretty Awesome

Players have expressed concern with not only Infinite Warfare as a whole, but with Zombies in Spaceland in particular. Rest assured this mode is a TON of fun. However, there are a few things that you want to know about it.

The first one being that it is different, but not too different. It plays nearly identical to Black Ops 3 Zombies and overall it is a great experience. While this is not in any way, shape or form a tie in with Black Ops 3 Zombies or trying to be that version, it is a more arcade style and fun-spirited. This may have been the symptom of an early build, but the characters were not as chatty as we thought. If you were worried about having to deal with constant cheesy 80s one-liners, that is not the case.

Treyarch’s Zombies has been a dark story, while it was incredibly compelling, it was difficult for new users or casual players to understand what was going on. While Zombies in Spaceland looks to deliver a compelling narrative, it is easy to follow along at this point.

Features in Zombies in Spaceland

Zombies in Spaceland features some gameplay that will be very familiar to Treyarch zombie players, but there are plenty of exciting new ideas to be found as well.

The Afterlife Arcade in Zombies in Spaceland

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The arcade is home to many different things that players can do to occupy their time while they wait for their teammates to finish a round. Oh yea, I forgot to mention this gets rid of the horribly boring spectating-for-a-half-hour-while-we-hold-a-zombie part of the game.

If a player dies and bleeds out in Zombies in Spaceland, they will be taken to the arcade which is home to many different mini-games, quests and the like. Players there can complete the activities to earn tickets for use in game or if they do exceptionally well, they can even buy their life back and enter into the game again mid-round. It offers a lot for players to work for while they may otherwise just be waiting. It adds a brand new dynamic to the gameplay and offers a lot in the way of what a player can do.

As a map should do, Zombies in Spaceland offers a map that keeps players immersed at all times. Such ways that it does this is by allowing players to interact with the environment. Players will have the ability to do things such as enter the arcade, talk to DJ Hasselhoff’s character, and more.

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Hasselhoff plays the charismatic DJ of the theme park that our characters are stuck in and from the build that we played at XP, there seemed to be a feature to directly interact with him. The only downside was that the feature seemed to be partially disabled. You could approach Hasselhoff but not actually interact with him at the time, probably to conceal information Infinity Ward is saving for launch.

Mystery Wheel & Upgrading Weapons in Zombies in Spaceland

Identical to the Mystery Box from Treyarch Zombies, the Mystery Wheel will offer players the chance to test their luck and see if they receive a great weapon or something of lesser value for a price. For those unfamiliar with the mechanic, the Mystery Box in Zombie mode was cheaper than most wall buy weapons and would randomly spit out a weapon. This weapon could be something incredibly powerful, or completely useless. It all comes down to chance with this, and Zombies in Spaceland keeps this feel. While only playing one match and looking for it, we could not determine if it spawns randomly or if it is a set location but I can tell you that if your luck is horrible in Treyarch Zombies, it carries over (fully joking)!

The ability to upgrade weapons in Zombies in Spaceland was disabled for the build that we had access to at COD XP but it is confirmed that players will be able to “Pack-A-Punch” in Zombies in Spaceland as they were able to in previous version of Treyarch Zombies. This will be a much needed feature to keep hardcore players interested in the mode.

Zombies in Spaceland is HUGE!

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Players will not have a shortage of things to do and play about with in Zombies in Spaceland. Whether it be the new ticket system, traps, the arcade, the boss zombies, etc. Players will definitely have a blast and have a load of things to keep them occupied. We wouldn’t be surprised if you lose track of time and play all night!

Zombies in Spaceland looks very promising and despite some harsh criticism, it’s worth your time. Zombies in Spaceland won’t disappoint, we can guarantee you that much. Infinite Warfare launches this November 4th and can be pre-ordered now. If you want to read further on Infinite Warfare, check out our coverage of the beta dates, as well as our coverage on the maps in Infinite Warfare!

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