Black Ops 3 Revelations: How To Get The Katana

A guide on how to get the new Katana in Black Ops 3 Revelations. 

Earlier this week, we reported that you can now wield a Katana (the Path of Sorrows) in Black Ops 3’s multiplayer, which understandably upset the Call of Duty Zombies community. However, it has recently been discovered that you can now get the same Katana in Black Ops 3 Revelations Zombies map as well. In order to obtain the Katana, you must first understand a majority of the Revelations main Easter Egg steps. If you're not sure on these steps, then check out our Revelations Easter Egg Guide.

Understanding these steps are crucial, because in order to get the Katana, you must teleport to Samantha's House.

Step 1: The Wisp

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The Wisp is an Easter Egg item that everyone was confused about because it had no apparent purpose. The Wisp is an item that can only be acquired if you or the game’s host have completed all of the previous main Easter Eggs found in each Zombies map. The Wisp can be located on the headlight of the truck located next to your spawn point.

Before picking up The Wisp, it is vital that you complete all the of the main Easter Egg steps in Revelations which will allow you access into Samantha's House. The reason for this is because if you're hit while holding The Wisp, it will disappear and cannot be obtained again within that game.

Step 2: Samantha's House

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After you've completed all of the Easter Egg steps, you will need to teleport over to Samantha’s house. Once you've teleported to the house, you will need to head to the box that has a question mark on it (Samantha's Mystery Box). Next, hold square on the book that’s on top of the box and you'll see The Wisp slowly float inside. Once The Wisp has floated inside the box, you will then teleport back to the Revelations map. If you’ve completed these steps correctly, you will now have the Katana unlocked.

Finding The Katana

Here, you should see the Katana which you can pick up and use to slay the undead. In addition to unlocking the Katana, completing this Easter Egg will also allow you to have every Mystery Box weapon pack-a-punched, leaving you heavily prepared for the final boss fight.Finding the Katana is extremely simple; all you need to do is head towards the Time Attack Board in Shangri-La. The Time Attack Board is used for timed missions in Black Ops 3 Revelations where you can get some fun melee weapons. The precise location of the Time Attack Board is at the top of the temple stairs on the right side.

At the moment, the Katana cannot be pack-a-punched. However, if it can be we’ll post our official tutorial here on Opshead!

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