Infinity Ward Confirms Final MP Map Count For Infinite Warfare

There will be a solid number of multiplayer maps once Infinite Warfare releases.

In a recent interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, Infinity Ward Multiplayer Project Director Jordan Hirsh confirmed that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will have 12 multiplayer maps at launch, with more being added post-launch through DLC. Those 12 maps don’t include the special remake of Terminal which will be available to pre-order customers, so those who pre-order Infinite Warfare will actually have access to 13 maps total.

If Infinite Warfare follows the same DLC release pattern as past Call of Duty games (releasing four map packs with four new competitive multiplayer maps apiece), that means that the game will have 29 multiplayer maps once all four DLC packs are available. For comparison’s sake, Infinite Warfare’s 12 launch maps isn’t as impressive as the 14 maps (15 if you count the bonus Free Fall map) which were included in the base version of Infinity Ward’s previous Call of Duty release, Call of Duty: Ghosts, though it is the same number of maps which the base version of Black Ops 3 contained. So far, only four of Infinite Warfare’s 12 base maps have been revealed: Frost, Breakout, Throwback, and Frontier.

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