Call of Duty XP in POV 4K

Missed out on the Call of Duty XP event? Experience it with Opshead's 4K POV videos!

Call of Duty XP featured a number of activities for fans of the series to enjoy, but unfortunately some people could not make it out to California for the event. Worry not because Opshead was there with a 4k camera to capture what it was like to be at the biggest Call of Duty fan celebration in years. Fire up your 4K TV or monitor and get ready, you are going to Call of Duty XP!

Call of Duty World Championship

We had a great seat to watch EnVy take home the title at the Call of Duty World Championship. Check out how excited the crowd was for the series clinching match!

XP Zip-line

Call of Duty XP featured a giant zip-line that ran through the event. There was also a nice little Call of Duty themed back story to enjoy.

Call of Duty Props

XP featured a replica of the R.A.P.S. from Black Ops 3, along with a number of other real life props from your favorite games. Walk down the row to see your favorite!

Nuketown Paintball

Maybe the highlight of the event, Call of Duty XP featured a real life version of the fan-favorite multiplayer map Nuketown. We could not boost jump or wall run like in Black Ops 3...

XP also featured a keynote address that revealed Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered multiplayer! Most importantly, Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered were playable at Call of Duty XP. We had some hands on time with Infinite Warfare's new Defender mode, and it is a blast. Get to know the weapons you'll be using in Defender. Modern Warfare Remastered looks amazing, including a smoother, if not controversial, ADS animation.

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