Black Ops 3 Revelations: Easter Egg Step 1, 2, and 3 Guide

Learn how to complete the first three steps in Black Ops 3’s major Revelations Easter Egg. 

Black Ops 3’s newest Zombies map, Revelations, has been out for nearly a week now. The Easter Egg hunt persists onward, and we’ve uncovered the first two steps in how to start the official Revelations Easter Egg. In this guide, we’ll provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete the current steps known for the Revelations Easter Egg.

This guide does not require you to have completed all the other main Easter Eggs in Black Ops 3 Zombies, but instead allows you to complete these steps even without the completion of other Easter Eggs.

Light The Four Gravestones

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The first step is relatively easy and can be done as soon as the game starts as it is right outside of the spawn room and requires only 500 points to complete. The best way to do this is to start the Corruption Engine as soon as the game loads. If you choose to take this approach, you’ll have 1000 points before the zombies break down any boards. Whenever you are situated with points, the next step is to open up the barrier to the left of your initial spawn point.

This barrier will lead to a landing pad that will take you to Origins and has a bell tower directly next to it for another point of reference. To light the four gravestones and initiate the Easter Egg, you must find the gravestones off in the distance. There will be two accessible from the spawn room and two visible from in front of the landing pad. The four gravestones will be marked for each of the main characters: Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai.

Note that the four gravestones must be shot in the order in that exact order. If you are unable to read the names from where you are located, the order in directional terms is as follows:

  • 1. Right gravestone on the main spawn side
  • 2. Left gravestone on the lander side
  • 3. Left gravestone on the main spawn side
  • 4. Right gravestone on the lander side

Upon completion, the four gravestones will ignite a red flame from the bullet holes for a brief moment. Once the flame fades, you are ready for the next step.

The Keeper Audio Reel

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The Keeper Audio Reel is confirmed to be the second step within the Revelations Easter Egg, and though it does not end with a clear and concise next step, what you get after completing this step is the ability to finish a radio in Nacht Der Untoten that offers an interesting storyline element. Acquiring this will take a few steps to complete and are detailed below.

Step 1: Acquire the Keeper Protector

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It seems as if the Keeper Protector is going to be a valuable piece to this Easter Egg as we’ve needed to use him for various other things including the Keeper Helmet. To begin completing the second step, you must start by purchasing the Keeper Protector.

Once you have the required 5000 points or more, purchase the Keeper Protector for your use and you’re ready to move to the next step. A fair warning, while the following step can be done on solo, it is much easier in a co-op game. This is because another player can focus on holding zombies at bay to elongate the round so the Keeper Protector does not take them out until the timing is right.

Step 2: Start The Keeper Ritual

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Once the Keeper Protector is on the move, you want to direct him to one of the main lander locations. There is one in particular that he will gravitate towards. The downside is that it changes every match so you cannot predict where he will need to go before the match starts. There are clues around the map that indicate where he can go as the one the Keeper Protector heads towards will be marked in Apothicon symbols for the word “Consume”.

If you cannot find the symbol on any of the landers don’t fret, it just takes a little bit of time to walk the Keeper Protector around to find the designated platform. Once you’ve come across the right one, the Keeper will then turn and face the lander and start chanting a ritual. This will be very distinct and noticeable in audio cues and the Keeper will focus solely on the lander. Once you’ve seen this, the next step is ready to go.

Step 3: Guard The Keeper Protector From Zombies

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Once the Keeper Protector’s ritual has begun he will be subjected to a horde of zombies. In solo and in co-op, zombies will flood towards the Keeper and attempt to attack it during the ritual. Your job for this step is to make sure they do not deter the Keeper Protector’s ritual. At this point, zombies will not focus on the player and can maneuver with relative ease. The only damage that will be inflicted on a player will be residual damage if a player is standing in the way of the zombies’ paths.

This makes it easy to pick them off from a distance. Some boss zombies may spawn such as Margwas, but their focus will also be on the Keeper Protector and not the player. The barrage of zombies will last a single round until the ritual is complete. Once the ritual is complete, the Keeper Protector will disappear and the round will resume as normal with zombies chasing down the players.

However, the difference from before is that there is an audio reel lying on the ground where the Keeper performed its ritual. This is integral in finishing the second step of the Revelations Easter Egg.

Step 4: Complete The Radio In Nacht der Untoten

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Upon completion of the ritual at the lander, the Keeper will drop an audio reel. The Zombies community initially believed this would be a playable film reel to be collected at Kino as the projector room seems a little too easy to get to in that area of the map. However, it is not a film reel at all; it is an audio reel that will complete a radio. Once the ritual is finished, look around the location of where the Keeper performed the ritual and you will see a reel on the ground.

Hold square down and you will be able to pick it up. After picking up the reel, you will receive an audio cue from your character. The location of the radio to be completed is in Nacht der Untoten across from the power and the Juggernog. It is sitting on a box and is waiting for the reel to be placed on it. Once you approach it, hold down square to construct the rest of the radio. After the radio is complete, it will begin to play the following message:

“After many weeks of failure and frustration, Dr. Maxis finally achieved the breakthrough he had been searching for. The results were immediate and startling. In the case of subject 26, his instances of violent outbursts were non-existent, his docility appeared… permanent. Unfortunately, while we prepared to implement the treatment on the other subjects, there was an… incident.

During his field tests this morning, subject 26 attacked a handler. 26 and the handler were both destroyed. Maxis believes subject 26 only attacked the handler. He does not know I was attacked as well. I have observed a developing pattern of high fevers and cold sweats. My thoughts are… erratic. My relationship with Ludvig is… complicated. I fear I cannot keep this secret from him for long.”

The message recorded was from Sophia, whom we heard from in the last Zombies map, Gorod Krovi. This is surely integral to the next step in the Revelations Easter Egg and will prove to be a key portion moving forward.

Acquiring the Second Audio Reel

After days of searching, there is another update to the main Black Ops 3 Revelations Easter Egg in which the community has found another audio reel, this one once again integral to the point of the storyline being told by Sophia and Maxis. This step is a little bit tedious but warrants, if done properly, another audio reel for you to take and complete the step with.

Step 1: Acquire Lil’ Arnies

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This is going to be a key portion to this step of the Easter Egg as this is required to initiate the step. Once you acquire the Lil’ Arnies from the box or if someone already has them, make your way to the Apothicon and you will be ready to start the first step.

Spawn the Elemental Margwas

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This portion of the egg step gets a little tricky. The Apothicon isn’t the greatest place to claim land for while going up against any of the boss zombies whether it be Margwas, Furies, Panzers, etc. However, for this step you will need to spawn and kill a total of nine elemental Margwas to complete it. How you spawn the Margwas will be to throw your Lil’ Arnies into the spawn holes inside the Apothicon. There are nine total so you will need to throw at least nine Arnies. This is where it comes in handy for multiple players to have the

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This is where it comes in handy for multiple players to have the Arnies and be able to use them. Upon completion of three holes having Arnies thrown into them, three Margwas will spawn for you to kill. Once you have defeated a wave, repeat the process of throwing Arnies into the spawning holes but be careful to not repeat any of the holes or else you will lose track of which you have done and waste Arnies in the process. Upon completing the three waves, you should have killed nine

Upon completing the three waves, you should have killed nine Margwas and an audio reel will drop for the player to pick up. As with all interactable items, hold square to pick it up and place it into your inventory.

Complete the Radio in Kino der Toten

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Upon picking up the audio reel you will then be able to complete another radio as with the last step. The audio reel can be located in the stage area of Kino der Toten and the reel again, completes the radio. Once you find the radio sitting across from the Apothicon cutouts, approach the radio and hold square to complete it. Upon completion, you will get the following audio message:

Maxis: …programming coincided with the flashing lights and loud noises of the fire alarm in the test facility.


Maxis: One moment!


Maxis: What is it?

Sophia: You wanted to see me, Ludvig?

Maxis: Ah, Sophia. Yes, do come in. Sit down my dear. Have some tea.

Sophia: Is everything alright?

Maxis: No, no. Everything is fine. Drink your tea. I’ve heard a false rumor regarding the field test with Subject-26. Are you feeling alright?

Sophia: Of course.

Maxis: Just strange this rumor. May I see your arm?

Sophia: What? No. Why do you need to see my arm?

Maxis: Relax, Sophia. I would never hurt you. You know that, right?

Sophia: Of course, but…

Maxis: And you know that I care for you deeply, do you?

Sophia: Yes, but…

*sounds of choking and struggling*

Maxis: Yes, yes. And you know that everything I’m about to do is for your own good…

At this time, this is as far as the Easter Egg has progressed. If you followed the steps of this guide, you will be as far as the rest of the community in the hunt to complete the Revelations Easter Egg.

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