Black Ops 3 Revelations: The Gift Music Easter Egg Guide

Learn how to complete The Gift Music Easter Egg in Black Ops 3 Revelations.

It's a well known fact that Treyarch’s Zombies maps are always packed with Easter Eggs, and in this feature, we'll be teaching you how to complete "The Gift" Music Easter Egg in Revelations. Revelations is the latest Zombies map in Black Ops 3, and is Treyarch's last DLC Zombies map (or so we think).

Because of this, it's full to the brim with Easter Eggs, and we’re going to show you how to complete The Gift Music Easter Egg in Black Ops 3 Revelations.

Activate Three Bears

For this Revelations Easter Egg, you must first activate three bears around the map by interacting with them by pressing square. If you’ve previously noticed the bears located around the map, note that these bears are specifically part of the Revelations Music Easter Egg.

Three Bears Locations

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First Bear

The first bear is located in Mob of the Dead. To get to this location, make your way left from spawn to Origins and buy all of the doors until you get to the underground tunnel. From there, make your way through the tunnel towards Mob of the Dead and you'll see the first bear sitting on a stool. The bear should be located in a fairly large room with a body laid out on a medical table. Press square and interact with the bear.

Second Bear

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The second bear two is located in Verruckt. To get to Verruckt, make your way through Mob of the Dead to the jump pad on the other side of the area. This jump pad will take you straight to Verruckt. Once there, run left down the corridor and the second bear will be located on a wheelchair. Once again, press square and interact with the bear.

Third Bear 

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The third and final bear is located in Kino Der Toten. To get to Kino Der Toten, make your way through Verruckt and head down the stairs towards where you'll find one of the parts for the Guard of Fafnir shield. Once you've made your way down the stairs, hit the jump pad and you'll land in Kino Der Toten. Next, make your way to the stage area and look from the stage to the seat area where you should see a bear on one of the theater seats. Head towards the bear and interact with it by pressing square.

Once you've interacted with all three bears, The Gift Music Easter Egg will begin to play.

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