Black Ops 3 Revelations: How to Upgrade the Lil' Arnies

Learn how to upgrade the Lil’ Arnies in Black Ops 3’s new Zombies map, Revelations. 

Black Ops 3’s newest Zombies map, Revelations, is rounding into its first weekend as players will now have plenty of time to play through the map and uncover all its secrets. Unfortunately, the main Easter Egg is something that continues to stump the entire Zombies community. The positive side to that though is that there’s been plenty of time to figure out the smaller Easter Eggs.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to upgrade the Lil’ Arnies in Revelations.

Step 1: Acquire the Lil’ Arnies in Revelations

Revelations is home to many items in the Mystery Box and one of them is the Lil’ Arnies, making a return appearance from Shadows of Evil. The Arnies act the same exact way as the Monkey Bombs do in other Zombies maps, but the cool part with the Arnies is the fact that they include Apothicon traits.

The Lil’ Arnies will attract Margwas (and consequently, even more boss zombies in Revelations). The only way to get the Arnies is via the Mystery Box, so a large chunk of acquiring them is simply testing your luck and spending points until you are lucky enough to earn them. However, once you get them you’re all set as you can’t lose them.

Step 2: Get 150 Kills with the Lil’ Arnies

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This is where the guide comes down to persistence and well timed uses of the Lil’ Arnies. It is undoubtedly easier to do this part at a higher round of the game as more zombies will spawn at once making each use more effective but to make the Arnies upgradable. The goal here is to collect 150 kills with the Lil’ Arnies.

You should be able to complete this with one pass through of your three Arnies equipped. You will probably have to get a max ammo at least once or twice, which is why this comes down to persistence and how well you use your Arnies. Completion time can range from a few minutes to a half hour if dedicated solely to trying to complete this. Once you gather 150 kills, you are ready for the next step.

Step 3: Sacrificing The Arnies

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This final part to upgrading your Lil’ Arnies really comes down to user ability and precision. In the spawn, just past the barrier for the lander to Origins, there is a church tower which is where you will be focusing. If you don’t have the barrier opened up, don’t worry, it’s not necessary. Your focus will be on the window at the top of the tower. In order to complete the upgrade, you will need to throw all three of your Lil’ Arnies into the window (note how you must have all three, if you’ve used one you must wait until it is replenished).

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This may take some trial and error as the throwing animation is a little different for the Lil Arnies compared to standard grenades. Once you have thrown them through the window, you will hear Samantha’s laugh for each Arnie as if she is taking them away like the Mystery Box when a teddy bear is spun. If you’ve tossed all three in and have heard all three audio cues, you will be able to check to see that you have 2 Lil’ Arnies replenished in your inventory.

Once you see that, they are upgraded and any Arnie that you throw for the duration of the game is purple, lasts longer, and will kill more zombies. If you’ve followed the guide, you can have upgraded Lil’ Arnies in no time!

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