Black Ops 3 Revelations: How To Get The Upgraded Juggernog

Learn how to construct the Summoning Alter, Grab your Keeper Protector, and upgrade your Juggernog in Black Ops 3’s Revelations.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s latest Zombies map, Revelations, has taken community by storm as there’s no shortage of things within the map that have stumped even the most hardcore players and have subsequently intrigued them to keep looking for answers. One of the new features is the return of what are dubbed “pro perks” or upgraded perks.

We haven’t seen perk tiers in the Call of Duty Zombies world in years, so this is definitely a first. In this guide, we’re going to help you get the upgraded version of Juggernog in Black Ops 3’s Revelations map which will give you added health and various other attributes as well when dealing with Keepers.

Step 1: Construct the Summoning Altar

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This step will serve as a bridge between this tutorial and the other on how to get the Keeper Protector in Revelations. However, for the sake of clarity we will condense it into a concise method for this guide. Essentially, the Summoning Altar is an instrumental piece to the process of upgrading your Juggernog as we are going to need to acquire the Keeper Protector.

First, you must find all of the pieces needed to construct the Summoning Altar. There are three different spawn locations located in each and every major subsection of the map. For example, there will be three in Der Eisendrache and Kino Der Toten, three located in the Origins and Mob of the Dead subsection, and three in the Verrukt area of the map.

Upon finding all of these pieces, you will then need to head over to one of the Keeper slabs that are marked around the map. From there, you will need to construct the Summoning Altar. Once this is done, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Harvest Kills with the Keeper Protector

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This step should be done in Kino Der Toten’s theater. It is not only the easiest portion of the map to do it in, but is also where one of the final pieces will spawn. Once you’ve constructed the Summoning Altar, head over to Kino Der Toten and locate the Summoning Altar on the map.

Once you’ve made your way to the Altar, use it to purchase the Keeper Protector and make sure you have enough zombies around to make the most use of it. The Keeper Protector will then continually get kills, and after 10-20 kills, there will be a bell-like audio cue that will play and the Keeper will do an animation where it lifts its hands into the air. At that point, you have harvested enough kills for the Keeper and can continue on to the next step.

Step 3: Acquire The Upgraded Juggernog in Revelations

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This process was not all that hard to once you’ve completed the steps in Kino Der Toten. After completing the previous steps, you will then be able to turn around and walk up to one of the mannequins at the back of the stage and from there you’ll be able to pick up an Apothicon Helmet.

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After picking up the Apothicon Helmet, you will then be granted an upgraded Juggernog, and as a result will have the following additional attributes added to your health:

  • +1 hit from zombies
  • 50% damage reduction from enslaved Keepers
  • Player does 33% more damage to enslaved Keepers
  • Keeper Protector lasts 30 seconds longer

With those attributes, you will definitely be able to do very well when it comes to gameplay in Black Ops 3’s Revelations map. Furthermore, it isn’t a difficult upgrade to get once you know the necessary steps.

If you’ve followed this guide, you should now have the upgraded version of Juggernog in Black Ops 3’s Revelations!

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