Black Ops 3: Salvation DLC's New Gobblegum Flavors

One final batch of GobbleGum goodness in Black Ops 3 Zombies. 

Black Ops 3’s Salvation DLC is now live, and with it comes the new Revelations Zombies map and a slew of new GobbleGum flavors for players to utilize. If you’re wondering what new GobbleGum goodies the Salvation DLC includes, we’ve outline them for you below! In all, there are six new GobbleGum flavors, one new Core flavor and five new Mega flavors.

The new Core flavor can be used immediately upon downloading the Salvation DLC, but as with other Mega flavors, the new Mega options must first be found by spending Liquid Divinium in Dr. Monty’s Factory.

Newtonian Negation

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Similar to the Projectile Vomiting GobbleGum flavor from the Revelations DLC pack, Newtonian Negation is a new Core flavor which provides a purely cosmetic perk, making it so that any zombies killed float straight up into space instead of falling down to the ground. It’s a funny sight to be sure, but killing zombies in this fashion serves no practical purpose.

Self Medication

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This new Mega flavor can be very handy when you’re aiming to reach the higher rounds of a match. After you consume a Self Medication GobbleGum, it won’t trigger until an AI enemy manages to down you. While you’re downed, scoring a single kill will immediately revive you and allow you to keep any perks you had when you were downed. Each Self Medication GobbleGum has three uses in total, but because it requires going into a downed state, it’s all but useless in solo games.

Near Death Experience

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Another revive-based GobbleGum, Near Death Experience activates immediately as soon as it is consumed and lasts a total of three rounds. While it is active, you will both be revived and be revived by any nearby players automatically, ensuring that a team of players can hold out against even the most relentless hordes as long as they stick together and at least one team member can stay alive.

Mind Blown

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This GobbleGum requires manual activation after it is consumed, and the effect of said activation is definitely worth it. When you manually trigger the Mind Blown GobbleGum (three uses in total per GobbleGum consumed), the heads of any standard zombies within your view will immediately explode, allowing you to clear out a particularly thick horde or simply open up a pathway to a downed teammate who is surrounded.

Profit Sharing

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Another GobbleGum which is only useful when playing with a group, Profit Sharing triggers as soon as it is consumed and its effect lasts for ten whole minutes. While the effect is active, any points earned by the Profit Sharing user are also given to nearby teammates, and any points earned by nearby teammates are also given to the Profit Sharing user. If you want a guaranteed way to quickly accumulate a boatload of points, Profit Sharing is where it’s at.

Bullet Boost

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The Salvation DLC’s final new GobbleGum flavor is also manually activated, including two separate activations per GobbleGum use. Unlike most other GobblGgum flavors, Bullet Boost is only useful if you already have a Pack-a-Punched weapon, since triggering it causes your weapon to “re-Pack” itself, adding on one of the four elemental effects which you normally get for sticking a Packed gun into a Pack-a-Punch machine a second time. It may not be all that useful to more casual Zombies players, but if an entire map’s worth of powerful undead stand between you and the Pack-a-Punch machine, Bullet Boost can make all the difference.

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