Black Ops 3 Revelations: How To Find The Pack-a-Punch

How to reach the Pack-A-Punch machine in the Black Ops 3’s latest Zombies map, Revelations.

In Call of Duty Zombies, the Pack-a-Punch machine and its corresponding are important towards your overall success. Knowing the location of the Pack-a-Punch early on will give you that extra boost needed when playing Zombies. Naturally, the Pack-a-Punch machine has made its return in the final Black Ops 3 Zombies map, Revelations.

In this guide, we’ll break down how to turn on the power and reach the Pack-a-Punch machine in Revelations to give you the ability to upgrade your weapons!

Step 1: Override The Four Corruption Engines

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Rather than flipping a switch to turn on the power, Revelations requires players to activate four different generators known as “Corruption Engines” instead. The four Corruption Engine generators can be found throughout the map and require overrides in order to become activated.

This is a critical step, as all four Corruption Engines must be activated in order to power up a Tesla device that will allow players to reach the Pack-a-Punch machine later on. If you’re not sure how to complete this step, head over to our guide on how to turn on the power in Revelations to find each Corruption Engine. 

Step 2: Activate Tesla Death Ray

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Once you have activated all four Corruption Engine generators, head back through the portal door to Nacht der Untoten. Go upstairs to where the Juggernog machine is located and approach the green panel nearby for the Tesla Death Ray. There should be four green lights on the panel, one for each of the Corruption Engines you activated earlier.

When the green lights start flashing, interact with the panel to activate the Tesla Death Ray. Electric beams will begin to blast the massive Margwa-like Apothicon creature, shocking it into submission with its mouth open. This is where you’re headed next.

Step 3: Enter The Apothicon

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Clear the debris to the right of the Tesla Death Ray panel, then head down the steps. The huge Apothicon creature should be suspended by the electricity and sitting with its mouth open on the lower level. Approach the creature’s fang-filled mouth, and you’ll be sucked inside. 

Step 4: Shoot The Glands

Once you’re inside the Apothicon, walk to the far side and locate what appears to be its heart. There, you’ll see the Pack-a-Punch machine stuck inside. Before you can access it, you’ll note that there are three glandular nodes attached to the outside of the heart. Shoot and destroy all three glands to cause the Pack-a-Punch machine to fall down out of the heart.

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That’s it! The Pack-a-Punch machine is now available to use to upgrade your weapons, and complete various Easter Eggs in Revelations. Keep in mind, you’ll have to venture into the Apothicon’s belly each time you want to upgrade your weapons.

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