Black Ops 3 Revelations: How To Build The Guard Of Fafnir

Where to find the parts to build the Guard of Fafnir Dragon Shield in Black Ops 3 Revelations. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 released its latest DLC expansion, and with it came the brand new Zombies map, Revelations. In this guide, we’ll explain where you can find each of the parts needed to build the “Guard of Fafnir” Dragon Shield in Black Ops 3 Revelations. This shield is essentially the same as the one from Gorod Krovi, and has made its return for the final Black Ops 3 Zombies map.

However, crafting it may prove trickier than you think as each of the three parts required are each found in three varying locations. Because of this, we’ve listed all of the possible part locations and the steps needed to build the Guard of Fafnir in Black Ops 3 Revelations!

Step 1: Turn on the Power

Unlike Gorod Krovi, turning on the power in Revelations requires activating four different Corruption Engines scattered throughout the map. If you’re uncertain on the steps needed to turn the power on in Revelations, you can head over to our guide on how to turn on the power on in Revelation before returning for Step 2.

Step 2: Collect All 3 Dragon Shield Parts

The Dragon Shield is comprised of three different parts that are found in various locales within the Revelations map. The parts will randomly spawn in one of several particular spots on each of the following map locations:

  • Verruckt
  • Origins
  • Der Eisendrache

Guard of Fafnir Part Locations

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Dragon’s Body Shield Part - Verruckt

The first part when it comes to building the Guard of Fafnir Shield in Revelations is the Dragon’s Body. You can find the Verruckt part in one of the following three spots:

  • On the open side of one of the red-and-white pillars on the first floor.
  • Upstairs, on top of the wheelchair in the back left corner.
  • In the upstairs kitchen, on the metal countertop in the center. 

Dragon’s Head Shield Part - Origins

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Next, after you’ve tracked down the location of the Dragon’s Body, you will need the Dragon’s Head part to continue on your quest to constructing the Guard of Fafnir Shield. The Dragon’s Head can be found in one of the following places:

  • Beside a wooden crate topped with a helmet and multiple ammo containers.
  • On a large wooden crate that has a gas lamp on top, halfway down the trench.
  • On top of a chair beside some shelving, in the lower trench area.

Dragon’s Mouth Shield Part - Der Eisendrache

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The third and final part you will need to collect to build the Guard of Fafnir Dragon Shield in Revelations is the Dragon’s Mouth. Note: You must activate anti-gravity by standing on the four pressure plates within this section to reach the Dragon’s Mouth part in Der Eisendrache. Once you’ve activated the anti-gravity, you will be able to collect the Dragon’s Mouth in one of the following areas:

  • Along the upper wall, just above one of the fish-shaped symbols.
  • On the upper wall in the middle of a stone archway, above a pair of statues.
  • On the upper wall, where the Pack-a-Punch machine used to be in the original map. 

Step 3: Build The Dragon Shield

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Now that you have obtained all three parts, it’s time to build your Guard of Fafnir Dragon Shield! To do this, simply head back through the portal door to Nacht Der Untoten, and go upstairs. On the far wall, you’ll find a workbench with a glowing lantern on top. Access the workbench to begin crafting the Guard of Fafnir Dragon Shield. After a few moments, the Guard of Fafnir will be ready to equip for use in Black Ops 3’s final Zombies map, Revelations. Enjoy!

Images sourced from YouTuber Legendary Fig, and YouTuber Dylby

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