Black Ops 3 Salvation DLC: Revelations Guide and Tips

DLC 4 for Black Ops 3 is here and the Revelations Zombie map might be the biggest adventure yet.

The culmination (maybe) of the Origins Zombie tale has arrived in the form of the Revelations Zombie map. This epic adventure is loaded with Easter Eggs and secrets, and Opshead is here to help you through it all with our Revelations Guide and Tips. We'll show you how to build the shield, how to build the Revelations Wonder Weapon, where to find the Pack-a-Punch, and how to turn on the power in Revelations.

Black Ops 3 Salvation DLC: Revelations Guide and Tips is a work in progress and will be updated daily.

Revelations Easter Eggs

Revelations Main Easter Egg Guide

Watch this space to end the Apothican evil forever!

Play the Secret Song in Revelations

Listen to "The Gift" in Black Ops 3 Revelations.

Revelations Guides

How to Turn on the Power in Revelations

The Revelations power is complicated! Use our guide to help out.

Revelations: Build the Guard of Fafnir

Learn how to build the Dragon Shield in Black Ops Zombies!

Revelations: How to Pack-a-Punch Weapons

Find the Pack-a-Punch to upgrade your weapons!

How to Get the Keeper Protector in Revelations

Get a Keeper buddy to help you slay the undead!

Black Ops 3 Revelations: How to Upgrade Juggernog

Upgrade your Juggernog to take an extra hit from zombies without fear.

Revelation's New Gobble Gums

Find out what new toys are at your disposal for fighting the Shadowman in Revelations.

Black Ops 3 Revelations: How to Upgrade Lil' Arnies

Your favorite friends from Shadows of Evil are back to help you fight in Revelations.

How to Get the Katana in Black Ops 3 Revelations

It is finally here! Use the Katana against the Apothicon evil.

How to Get the Nunchucks in  Black Ops 3 Revelations

If you want to kill zombies like a ninja, you're going to need some nunchucks.

Revelations Features

Black Ops 3 - Revelations Intro Breakdown and Explanation

This delightful teaser offered a ton of information, catch up on it here.

Dr. Monty Revealed In Black Ops 3 Revelations Trailer

The mysterious Dr. Monty will play a central role in Revelations.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: Revelations Trailer Breakdown

Where is The House? How did the Shadowman get here? Get ready for Revelations with our trailer breakdown.

Black Ops 3's Revelations Zombies Map Gets An Epic Introductory Trailer

The Revelations trailer was about as hype as Call of Duty DLC gets.

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