Infinite Warfare's Defender Mode is Great

Infinity Ward has a hit on its hands with the brand new Infinite Warfare game mode, Defender.

The orb appeared in the center of the map and we raced to claim it, we won a few firefights in the surrounding area and stole the orb as the enemy team conceded. Holding the orb meant we were down one player, since you can't shoot and hold it at the same time, and the enemy team was closing in fast. What happened next can only be described as monkey in the middle with guns, and it is a great time.

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The object of Defender is to capture and hold an orb (think Uplink without any goals), the team that can hold the orb the longest will win. The orb can be passed around to teammates, making teamwork crucial to success. I accidentally threw the orb the to a buddy who was mid-firefight, causing him to lose his weapon and die. Oops.

Knowing when to pass or run, when to charge or attack are the key aspects of Defender, and the brand new Combat Rig system will influence your decisions. Playing as Phantom with Active Camo, I was able to flank the enemy team with my SMG and take out a few players. They now had less options to pass and my teammates were able to pin down the one with orb.

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"We have these sweet drones that we can pass around what can we do this?" asked Joe Cecot, multiplayer lead at Infinity Ward. "Its got this really unique mechanic where when one player is holding the drone you've essentially lost one gun, you've gone down from 4 to 3. You have to be creative in how you use it, how you pass the [drone]."

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Defender will be one of two brand new game modes when Infinite Warfare launches on November 4th, but you may be able to play in the Infinite Warfare beta on October 14th. Get to know all the brand new Infinite Warfare Multiplayer weapons you'll be using to protect the drone! 

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