All Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Weapons and Stats

Get a head start on the competition by studying our weapon stat sheet for every weapon in Infinite Warfare.

Infinite Warfare multiplayer will feature a large variety of weapons, from modern, directed energy assault rifles to classic, bolt action snipers. Infinity Ward is not reinventing the wheel entirely however, the standard Call of Duty weapon categories you are familiar with will be present in Infinite Warfare. Assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, snipers, and shotguns make up the Infinite Warfare multiplayer weapons, and modern energy weapons blend in with their classic counterparts.

Note: This list is a work in progress and will be updated daily.

Assault Rifles

The go to weapon of the Call of Duty franchise, assault rifles will once again be the beginner friendly, fit any task workhorse of Infinite Warfare multiplayer. There are some new tricks to be found however, like the Type 2 that can become an akimbo, full auto pistol.


Description: Full-auto ballistic rifle. A moderate fire rate yields increased stability for best in class accuracy. Ideal for mid to long range engagement.

  • Accuracy 85
  • Damage 60
  • Range 88
  • Fire Rate 71
  • Mobility 65

Unlike it’s namesake, the KN44 from Black Ops 3, the Kn4 feels a little too slow and underpowered during close quarter firefights. However, the Kn4 shines when used properly in some of the longer sightlines in Infinite Warfare.


3-round burst energy rifle. Each burst applies extreme stopping power at precise intervals.

  • Accuracy 76
  • Damage 70
  • Range 78
  • Fire Rate 80
  • Mobility 65

Burst rifles have become a staple in competitive World League play, with the M8A7 being found in every match. The R3K is an interesting take on a Call of Duty burst weapon though, its range and accuracy are lacking for a weapon that will carry the M8 mantle.

KBAR - 32

Full-auto ballistic rifle. Channels a fast fire rate through a lightweight mold for increased hip fire control and mobility.

  • Accuracy 62
  • Damage 68
  • Range 76
  • Fire Rate 79
  • Mobility 74

The KBAR- 32 trades accuracy for mobility, fire rate, and damage. This looks like a weapon that can compete in most ranges of Infinite Warfare multiplayer.


Full-auto energy rifle. Hold (triangle or Y) to split the rifle into Akimbo Auto-pistol Mode for close quarter combat.

  • Accuracy 81
  • Damage 57
  • Range 92
  • Fire Rate 82
  • Mobility 65

The Type-2 is a hybrid energy weapon that can compete up close by switching to its Akimbo pistol mode. The low damage is cause for concern, but the uniqueness of the Type-2 makes it a must try.


Full-auto energy rifle. Deploys best in class stopping power at a low, dependable fire rate.

  • Accuracy 67
  • Damage 72
  • Range 85
  • Fire Rate 62
  • Mobility 65

The Volk caught our eye with its crazy damage numbers and future AK looks. You will need to learn the Infinite Warfare multiplayer maps in order to stay out of tight hallways and close firefights, the Volk will struggle at these ranges. The Volk will be a monster out in the open though and was one of our favorites during our hands on.


The Infinite Warfare SMGs have big shoes to fill, they are a favorite of every Call of Duty veteran who loves to run and gun. From our early testing, the SMG class feels balanced to its intended role, rarely will they beat out an assault rifle at distance, but capture points and cramped spaces are perfect for SMG play.


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Full-auto energy firearm. A wide dispersion muzzle dampens recoil, providing highest accuracy in class.

  • Accuracy 72
  • Damage 48
  • Range 55
  • Fire Rate 84
  • Mobility 80

The Erad kinda looks like the Weevil, that's enough for us!


Full-auto ballistic firearm. Offsets a modest range with an extreme fire rate thanks to a unique magnetic bolt carrier.

  • Accuracy 40
  • Damage 58
  • Range 49
  • Fire Rate 97
  • Mobility 80

The bullet hose of the Infinite Warfare Weapons, the FHR40 will have you spraying and praying in the hardpoint. Hang out in hallways and around corners to dominate with the FHR40.


Full-auto ballistic firearm. Built-in Dual magazine provides faster reloads and increased ammo capacity.

  • Accuracy 68
  • Damage 42
  • Range 59
  • Fire Rate 81
  • Mobility 80

A pro from the World Championships stopped by our capture session and decided to wreck everyone with the Karma-45, racking up 60 kills in Domination. The stats don’t appear to be anything special at first glance, but if a pro liked it, you should too.


Full-auto ballistic firearm. Hold triangle to toggle Assault Rifle Mode. An integrated hybrid sight enhances longer range engagements.

  • Accuracy 70
  • Damage 53
  • Range 53
  • Fire Rate 91
  • Mobility 80

The RPR Evo is accurate with a great fire rate and solid damage, and can compete at longer ranges too. Look for the RPR Evo to be one of the stronger weapons in Infinite Warfare multiplayer at launch.


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The HVR has super clean iron sights and was an early favorite of ours.


Full disclosure, we don’t like LMGs. They feel too slow in the new Call of Duty movement system, but if you liked them in Black Ops 3, you may like them even more in Infinite Warfare. Who knows, maybe one of these will enjoy Gorgon levels of fame at launch


Full-auto energy weapon. Offers a dependable fire rate and high capacity power cell for sustained output.

  • Accuracy 55
  • Damage 65
  • Range 80
  • Fire Rate 63
  • Mobility 50


Full-auto heavy energy weapon. A reinforced dispersion muzzle applies ultra-rapid fire into a tight hip spread.

  • Accuracy 45
  • Damage 51
  • Range 54
  • Fire Rate 85
  • Mobility 50


Full-auto energy weapon. Delivers high damage with strong recoil.

  • Accuracy 52
  • Damage 58
  • Range 86
  • Fire Rate 72
  • Mobility 50

Sniper Rifles

Snipers have two great options for locking down lanes in Infinite Warfare. The KBS Longbow will function as you expect, but the EBR-800 is going to change the way you think about sniping!

KBS Longbow

Bolt-action ballistic rifle. One shot, one kill from the waist up. Rechambering breaks scope aim.

  • Accuracy 82
  • Damage 86
  • Range 90
  • Fire Rate 33
  • Mobility 58

There is only one stat that really matters for sniper rifles in Call of Duty, how big is the one shot hit box? The KBS Longbow kill from the waist up, crucial for all the quick movements you will see in Infinite Warfare.


Semi-auto energy rifle. Hold triangle to activate Assault Rifle Mode for automatic fire and reduced power consumption.

  • Accuracy 87
  • Damage 75
  • Range 90
  • Fire Rate 48
  • Mobility 65

The EBR-800 is another unique hybrid weapon in Infinite Warfare Multiplayer. The damage is less than the KBS Longbow, so you are probably looking at a torso to upper chest one shot kill. You may not need to take a secondary weapon for close quarters when using the EBR-800, due to its auto rifle firing mode.

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Infinite Warfare Multiplayer is fast and fluid, meaning shotgun users will have the ability to flank quickly and get close. There isn’t much to say here, get close and go boom.


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Semi-auto ballistic shotgun. Features a cyclic drum magazine for quick trigger response.

  • Accuracy 40
  • Damage 82
  • Range 22
  • Fire Rate 45
  • Mobility 80

The Reaver is the safe choice of Infinite Warfare weapons in multiplayer. It is a semi-auto shotgun, you’ve used it before if you play CoD. Solid range gives it a one shot kill out to a good distance, making pesky SMG users think twice about barging into your space.


Full-auto energy shotgun. Rapid fire capability is supported by a high capacity power cell.

  • Accuracy 30
  • Damage 80
  • Range 18
  • Fire Rate 61
  • Mobility 80

The DCM-8’s stats look underwhelming, but remember it will be able to get off two or three shots quickly.


Pump-action sonic shotgun. Employs a high decibel acoustic driver yielding balanced stopping power and fire rate.

  • Accuracy 45
  • Damage 84
  • Range 26
  • Fire Rate 36
  • Mobility 80

Your mom was right, don’t put your headphones so loud! The Banshee is a bizarre weapon that emits sonic sound booms. We aren’t sure if the Banshee will be the best shotgun in Infinite Warfare, but it will be the most fun. Now that you know the weapons of Infinite Warfare, get to know the Combat Rigs!

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