All Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Combat Rigs

Get to know the new Combat Rig System in Infinite Warfare Multiplayer, including all of their Payloads and Traits.


Assault Class battle rig: Outfitted for operating in a variety of situations.


  • Claw
  • Overdrive


  • Ping
  • Persistence
  • Resupply

Warfighter is the standard Call of Duty soldier, made to get in the action quickly and slay. His Claw payload weapon is like a hybrid SMG/Shotgun that can shoot around corners and damage multiple targets.


Merc Class battle rig: Focused on heavy defense and suppressive fire.


  • Steel Dragon
  • Bull Charge


  • Infusion
  • Man-at-Arms
  • Shockwave

The tank class of Infinite Warfare, the Merc battle rig will be great for capturing objectives and holding hardpoints. The Bull Charge payload is similar to the Zombie Rocket Shield from Shadows of Evil, or Reinhardt from Overwatch. Merc will put a shield in front of him and dash forward, killing anything in his path.


C6 Class remote operated droid: Optimized for speed and close quarters combat.


  • Equalizer
  • Reaper


  • Combat Burst
  • Propulsion
  • Rushdown

Synaptic is like a remote controlled robot dog, if said robot dog was capable of killing people in Call of Duty. The reaper payload will have Synaptic drop on all fours and move with increased speed, though it will only be able to perform melee attacks while in Reaper form. Pair this with the rushdown Trait to quickly and stealthily tear up the opposing team.


Prototype FTL Class Battle rig: Utilizes bleeding edge technology to ensure combat advantage.


  • Eraser
  • FTL Jump


  • Supercharge
  • Perception
  • Power Slide

Anyone who has played Destiny will know the frustrations of being killed by, or the joy of killing with, a blinking Hunter in the Crucible. Good news, the Blink has made its way to Infinite Warfare’s Rig system in the form of FTL Jump. The FTL Jump will be a quick teleport to close the gap, or escape from enemies.


Stryker Class battle rig: Equipped with gear for enemy suppression and squad support.


  • Gravity Vortex Gun
  • Micro Turret


  • Relay
  • Trophy Drone
  • Hardened

Stryker’s Micro Turret is the perfect tool for holding down a lane in Infinite Warfare. We ran into a good Stryker during a match of Domination and the Micro Turret was a nightmare to deal with. His Trophy Drone will be useful in Hardpoint, with the Trait providing cover from incoming projectiles.


Phantom Class battle rig: Specializes in concealment and long-range engagements.


  • Ballista EM3
  • Active Camo


  • Marked Target
  • Rearguard
  • Heightened Senses

The Phantom Rig is your standard sniper, with a cloak ability and Traits to help locate targets. Rearguard is the most interesting Trait we’ve seen, and will be useful in multiple playstyles. Rearguard will absorb a bullet or two from behind, giving you enough time to turn around and fight, or enough time to get out of there.

The Rig system can be switched in and out after each spawn, allowing you to take on multiple play styles in one match. While Infinite Warfare Rigs will be compared to Black Ops Specialists, there are a few differences. First of all is the customization, allowing you to play with multiple Payloads and Traits in one match. Payloads are similar to the Specialist system, but Traits are something new entirely and are more like super charged perks.

There is still plenty to learn about Infinite Warfare’s Rig system in multiplayer, each Rig will have a second Payload ability that is unknown at this time. For what we do know, check out all the Infinite Warfare Multiplayer weapon stats!

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