Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: Revelations Trailer Breakdown

We take a closer look at Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s newest Revelations Zombies trailer. 

The day of reckoning has finally arrived as the newest Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Revelations Zombie trailer has been released, showcasing even more clues as to the grand finale of the Zombies storyline as a whole. Black Ops 3's fourth and final DLC expansion pack trailer for Salvation DLC solely focused on Revelations, giving us a broader overview as to what we can expect once Revelations is released this Tuesday. 

In this article, we’re breaking down everything you may have missed including the new backstory reveals and gameplay secrets from the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Revelations Zombies trailer! 

Revelations Universe Bleeding

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One of the biggest things you may notice about the new Revelations gameplay trailer is that there are multiple maps. No, you’re not mistaken, this trailer is still focused on Revelations. However, due to the storyline, the universes have started to bleed. As a result, we are introduced to a new universe, that of The House and The Children. Upon the arrival of the Apothicons, the other universes start to bleed together causing us to catch glimpses of various other maps such as Shangri-La, Nacht Der Untoten, Mob of the Dead, Origins, among others.

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This will allow players to not only be able to relive classic pieces of the Zombies storyline, but will hopefully answer some of the outstanding questions that players still have. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of unanswered questions out there! Along with the universe bleeding, it also should be noted that this is both the end and the beginning. In the previous trailer, we watched as a gateworm threw a 115 meteor into the universe, thus directly connecting the beginning origins of 115 on Shi No Numa back in Call of Duty: World at War.

The Beacon In Revelations

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The Beacon is something that we have not yet physically seen in any trailers or any piece of the storyline thus far. However, it has been something that has been hinted at for a long time, most notably in The Giant when Maxis mentions that he can see “when and where you are” after announcing that The Beacon has been lit.

Though we don’t know the exact implications, the clues themselves fall in line to fit accurately. The Beacon would be used as a way to set a point in time and space, and to create enough energy and aetherial matter that to bridge the gap between universes. It seems from the newest Revelations trailer that we will be able to directly interact with the housing of The Beacon below the structure itself.

Perk Locations In Revelations

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From the newest Revelations trailer, we can gather together some input as  to how we will be able to play the map itself. One of the most important parts when starting out on a Zombies map like Revelations for the first time is being able to find the crucial perks necessary in order to succeed in your endeavors. Though we cannot see all of the perks in the new trailer, for the first time in a long while, Treyarch and Call of Duty have clearly denoted where the two of the most important perks (in our opinion) are located — Juggernog and Speed Cola. 

The first location comes at around the fifteen second time stamp as we get a close-up look at the phrase "knowledge itself is for the taking," teasing the playable areas of Nacht Der Untoten. Though it is not the main focal point of the shot, we can clearly see the tip of the Juggernog machine in Revelations above the fallen zombies off in the distance beyond the stairs.

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Additionally, slightly past the thirty-second mark of the trailer we catch a glimpse of our characters trudging through the cell halls of Mob of the Dead amidst the iron bars for a cinematic flare. In that short sequence, we can see trailing off behind them is the location of Speed Cola. Though we won't know for certain until the map comes out where exactly these two sections are on the map, they are definitely a helpful dose of prior knowledge to have before first booting up Revelations!

New Weapons In Revelations

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Though only a second long, there is evidence of new weapons making their way into the new Revelations Zombies map. This first occurs with Zetsubou No Shima and the inclusion of the HG-40, the Marshal-16, as well as others in subsequent Zombies maps. This is a way to keep the game up to speed and the weaponry fresh. It looks like again we will be having a weaponry update via the Mystery Box in Black Ops 3's new Revelations map.

While watching the trailer you can see for just a split second the back of Nikolai as he fires a weapon. That weapon produces a shot that is a blue orb, similar to a plasma charge. Weaponry that does this in the Call of Duty franchise includes the Banshii and the Rift E9 pistol. Though we don’t know just how many new weapons are coming in Revelations, we do know that we at least have one new weapon to look forward to courtesy of the Mystery Box. 

Elemental Staves In Revelations

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For a while now, we knew that we would have the Elemental Staves from Origins make a return appearance in Revelations. Although up until this point, we never had any visual confirmation. In the newest Black Ops 3 Revelations trailer, located amongst the stage and our characters as they fend off hordes of zombies, sits a large backdrop.

This backdrop showcases what may be our Primis characters fighting alongside other Templars, but the most interesting part is that there is a staff in one of the soldier’s hands. It seems like these clues may be integral in the completion and finale of the Zombies storyline.

Multiple New Zombie Types In Revelations

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Revelations has already proven that it is the combination of various different Call of Duty Zombies maps mixed with the influences of Black Ops 3. As to be expected, Revelations shares several aspects and assets that indicate we can expect some new arrivals among the undead. 

The first thing to note is that the zombie models will be vastly different and sourced all over the place. From this trailer, we can directly note that there are zombie models from Shadows of Evil, Shangri-La, Mob of the Dead, Origins, and perhaps more. This is relatively interesting as it ties to the bleeding effect of the universe, while still maintaining a semblance of normalcy as far as Call of Duty Zombies goes. 

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The thing that players should be intrigued by and perhaps worried by if you’re not a fan of boss zombies is that we see three boss zombies showcased in the new Revelations trailer. This clearly notes the return of the Margwas from Shadows of Evil, and we can see the return of the Napalm Zombie from Shangri-La. 

However, the strangest of the bunch has to be the zombie that looks to be an evolved Nova-6 crawler from Kino Der Toten. With all three displayed in just over a minute’s time, there surely is room for even more surprises. As a result, Revelations could prove to be a tremendous burden for players that aren’t fond of dealing with the big, bad boss zombies.

Upgradeable Apothicons In Revelations

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Unsurprisingly, familiar assets will be returning in Revelations from Shadows of Evil. We distinctly see the Margwa, the Lil’ Arnies, and we see the Rocket Shield all make their return in Revelations. However, the biggest piece of this is that the Apothicon Servant will be returning as well. This perhaps is one of the most exciting pieces of news for Easter Egg hunters out there. Back when Black Ops 3 launched, until around five days post-launch, Shadows of Evil was home to a few glitches.

The biggest of glitches was that the Apothicon Servant which could be upgraded by putting the weapon in the Pack-A-Punch. Naturally, as all bugs are, it was fixed and players could no longer upgrade the weapon. This lead to various hunts for the reasoning and the trigger for how to upgrade it naturally in-game. The consensus was that it was able to be upgraded but the trigger was physically removed from the game. In other words, the weapon was point and we could see the upgrade of Point B, but the destination between the two did not exist.

Months later, fans received some closure in a community stream in which Jason Blundell was discussing Zombies with NoahJ456 and the question arose “can we upgrade the Apothicon Servant” to which Blundell said that it was upgradable, just not in Shadows of Evil. This prompted many confused faces and up until now, made no sense. With the return of the Apothicon Servant, Zombies fans will no doubt be able to finally upgrade the Wonder Weapon, and it will more than likely play an integral part in completing the main Easter Egg of the story in Revelations.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's  Revelations Zombies map promises to hold many surprises and as a result, we will have no shortage of intricacies and pieces to keep the community hunting and happy. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Revelations launches alongside the Salvation DLC 4 pack this coming Tuesday, September 6th.

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