Black Ops 3 - Revelations Intro Breakdown and Explanation

The newest installment in the Black Ops 3 Zombies saga promises to answer many of the questions fans have held onto for years. 

The end is near and Black Ops 3’s upcoming Zombies map, Revelations, continues to prove to be one of the most inclusive maps that we have seen. Black Ops 3's upcoming Zombies map Revelations was further revealed today when Call of Duty’s YouTube channel released the Revelation’s intro trailer. In this feature, we are going to be breaking down what you may have missed in the prologue and what you can look forward to in the final DLC of Black Ops 3.

Black Ops 3 Story Implications

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This is perhaps the largest takeaway from the Black Ops 3 Revelations intro. While there isn’t much gameplay shown off in the cinematic, we are given additional insight into the Zombies universe, thus helping us understand everything a little bit better. Multiple long-standing questions are answered, while a handful of exciting new features are introduced into the mix as well. The first thing we are introduced to is a brand new Zombies universe.

At the very beginning, we see a very broad landscape which is in fact the same Zombies universe that holds the fabled house we’ve continuously heard referenced ever since Origins. This universe is a pure universe, untouched by the damning hands of the Apothicons. Within this universe, and the house in particular, we are introduced to our insurance policy as Richtofen referred to it — the children. The children are forms of our main Black Ops 3 Zombies characters: Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai, and Samantha.

Here in the house they are protected from the evils that cross dimensions. Furthermore, we see a physical embodiment of Maxis and a reuniting of old friends when the Primis cast finally arrive. Upon doing so, they then destroy the teleporter which hints at the final destination and ending of the Black Ops 3 Zombies storyline, ceasing the ability to travel any further. The downside to seeing Maxis is that we learn he is easily corrupted by the Summoning Key and that he eventually releases the Shadow Man, who Monty accurately describes as the harbinger of doom.

From here we can see the universe bleeding that occurs once the cracks have opened, thereby welcoming in Apothicons and gateworms. Interesting thing to note, out of all the chaos that ensues, we do know a handful of things right off the bat. First, the Shadow Man is what we can now imagine is the ultimate evil, the Apothicon overlord. With so little given to us as players, it was often hard to follow who is truly the evil one in the Black Ops 3 Zombies storyline. As well as confirming our villain, it seems like Monty may in fact end up being a good guy, or at least until a major plot twist happens.

Second, within the universe bleeding we can see that we have playable aspects of Nacht Der Un Toten with zombies from Shadows of Evil. This points to various different paradoxes that will take place within the Zombies storyline. We will have multiple levels including Origins, Nacht, Kino Der Toten, Mob of the Dead, as well as Der Eisendrache with playable features somewhere within the map. This indicates the map will be massive but is also the conglomeration of several years of storytelling coming together to as one.

Black Ops 2 Origins Cutscene

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In 2013, Black Ops 2 ended with the inclusion of the Origins Easter Egg ending cutscene in which the notorious house was showcased for the very first time. Back then, we had only seen Edward and Samantha, and it played into only two sides of the story. With the new Black Ops 3 Revelations cinematic, players are allowed a glimpse into the broader picture where we can see the children themselves, more than just Edward and Samantha. With the addition of young versions of Richtofen, Nikolai, Takeo, and Dempsey, later being joined by Samantha, this effectively concludes what was initially started as a simple Easter Egg back in 2013. 

The Kronorium

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The Kronorium was introduced into the Black Ops 3 storyline late into the lifespan of the game. Right before the introduction of Gorod Krovi and DLC 3, we had some information in which indicated it was an integral part of the story, but we no real idea of what it was until recently. It was later confirmed that the Kronorium is a book that holds vast knowledge regarding the Zombies storyline. In the Black Ops 3 Revelations intro, we are able to see this with our own eyes for the first time out in the open as Maxis sits in a chair reading through it. This book holds quite a bit of power which undoubtedly helped our characters get to this destination and perhaps may even be able to save them later.

The Shadow Man

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The Shadow Man, first introduced in Shadows of Evil, was trapped in the Summoning Key for the past few months and we had virtually no idea what his fate would become. As it stands now, he is the ultimate evil we have to face and his presence directly ties to his nature in Shadows of Evil, only this time, he is in near full control and we must fight off the evils he has brought with him. 

Black Ops 3 Revelations Items

The Black Ops 3 Revelations intro cinematic uploaded to Call of Duty’s channel had a few interesting pieces to the thumbnail. That thumbnail later would be changed to an image of our four characters looking out into the coming trouble, but the original showcased a lot of cool things. The first and most apparent thing was the Pack-A-Punch. Universe bleeding or not, this Pack-A-Punch machine is the original version we were first introduced to in Der Riese.

Where we begin is where we also end apparently. Another thing to note is that we have a Wall-Buy Weapon available for purchase close to the Pack-A-Punch machine as well as a GobbleGum station. The less immediate features include a 115 Shrine (or drill) in the backdrop as well as the massive gateworm encroaching upon the playable map.

Maxis from Origins

Unfortunately, throughout the Zombies storyline, we were never given much information on Maxis. However, what we do know is that he’s not quite complete in the sense that Monty mentions. Apparently, he never had a soul, only a brain. That brain he references to is directly tied to the Maxis Drone from Origins. The very essence of Maxis comes from the drone and the brain that was sent up into the gateway with the Easter Egg. Maxis is still the exact identity as he was then.

The Gateworms and 115 Meteors

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The most overlooked sequence of the Black Ops 3 Revelations cinematic was the fact that the Apothicons and gateworms are the very beginning of where it all started. Back in World at War, the lore of Element 115 was portrayed as coming from meteors that had fallen to Earth. In one cinematic scene, we can see a gateworm expelling a 115 meteor from its mouth and shooting it into an open universe, thus creating a cycle that will start again, allowing players to pick up at the end, or even the beginning in World at War.

While this cinematic was focused more on the storyline and catching players up to speed (as well as introducing them to new elements), we still are able to take quite a bit away from it. That said, there are still many unanswered questions. In time, we hope to understand more but until then... we wait.

Black Ops 3 DLC 4 entitled Salvation drops for PlayStation users on September 6th.

For more information on Black Ops 3 Zombies be sure to check out the Black Ops 3 Revelations introductory trailer for Zombies that dropped yesterday, and our Black Ops 3 Gorod Krovi guide and tips hub which contains the latest on current Easter Eggs and helpful tutorials. If you want to know more about Black Ops 3 Salvation, we have some interesting news as two classic maps are being remade for Black Ops 3 Salvation

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