Dr. Monty Revealed In Black Ops 3 Revelations Trailer

The newest teaser for Revelations gives insight into who Monty is and what he has in store for our Zombies characters. 

Dr. Monty, the enigma of Black Ops 3 Zombies, had a small bit of backstory provided in Gorod Krovi, but beyond that not much else was known. Thankfully, he has finally been revealed visually in Black Ops 3’s “Revelations” teaser trailer. Until this point, we had no idea who he was beyond his role in GobbleGuns and snippets of his voice. A voice of omnipotence, god-like in its nature. 

Monty communicated to our characters only briefly in Gorod Krovi, but what was learned was intriguing. Now, we know a little more about the man behind the curtain as Treyarch teased the conclusion of the Zombies storyline alongside the newest map, Revelations. So where is Monty, who is he, and what are the motives in this trailer?

Who Is Dr. Monty?

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Opening up the Black Ops 3 Revelations trailer with the words “This is it,” Monty directly reveals his affiliation with the aether. His all-powerful, omnipotent background comes from a different realm. A realm that oversees everything in our normal 3D Zombies timeline. He can see where and when in time our characters are simply because he resides on a higher dimension. Initially revealing himself, it looks like the aether is nothing more than the infinite black space we see him set upon. However, it now seems like the forest part of the aether as well. 

Along with his quotes upon the higher levels of perception, Monty mentions the fact that our characters have changed the rules. He knows something is amiss, perhaps referencing the little “back up” plan in Richtofen’s blood vials. It seems Monty is aware, though he never gives any indication in the trailer. He later says “All I ask is that you do the right thing; the right thing for everyone."

This quote in particular is tremendously important and just as eerie. Not only does Monty want the characters to do their job, he wants them to do his job. Assuming Monty is in fact an Apothicon and is evil, doing his deeds will surely bring a magnificent conclusion to the storyline. However, if they break it, they themselves will be writing their own future.

Dr. Monty Theories

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Another ominous piece to this was that after the quote ends, the new round song from Mob of the Dead plays. One can speculate that it is due to the fact that our players have the blood vials of the Mob of the Dead crew and that perhaps we must do what is right for those characters as well, but truthfully, we may not know until Revelations. One theory surrounding the imagery of Monty is that he may be Weasel and while that may be a doubtful theory in the grand scheme of the story, it would be interesting to see and would explain some Mob of the Dead connections.

In the paradox that was Mob of the Dead, Weasel was the outlier, the only one who could break the cycle of life and death. The theory starts with the gloves that Monty is wearing, they bare a similar resemblance to those of Weasel’s, as well as the physical nature of Monty’s appearance bares resemblance to an older version of Weasel. Personally, we’re not fond of this theory but it could explain a few tie-ins. On addition, the proposed theory was hinted at way back in Origins and is quite possible given the publicity of when Blundell said he knew how to wrap it up. 

In Origins there was a red scarf blowing in the wind and this was brought to the attention of many players within Black Ops 3 when the data vault was still being torn to pieces. In the fault was a file in which it had a message pertaining to the scarf that read “Seek out the man with the red scarf and tell him, The Giant has risen.” This currently has taken the community by storm as it would appear the man with the red scarf is none other than Dr. Monty.

However, the upsetting part is that this message was one of many that dealt with real-life Easter Eggs, not just Zombies. The upside is that there is still a small piece of this that may be relevant as there is a red scarf on Zetsubou No Shima by Widows Wine which could potentially lead into this being the scarf of Monty. However, the data vault message may not pertain to him. Regardless, the scarf is something we have seen before, whether directly for Monty or not, it has been around in Origins as well as Zetsubou No Shima.

Dr. Monty’s Intentions

As for his intentions, it seems quite clear that Monty wants things to follow his plans, but will they? Revelations surely has a ton of questions to answer. Some of the resolutions we’ve still yet to see include the importance of the blood vials, the great battle and its place, the house and the children, further tie-ins with Mob of the Dead, and much more.

There is certainly going to be no shortage of just how important this Easter Egg will be to the story and perhaps another cliffhanger is on the horizon. Until then, we’ve got only scraps of information to look at and examine, but we are certainly excited to see just what Monty and Primis have in store for us in Black Ops 3 DLC 4. 

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