Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland Perks Explained

Breaking down how the new Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland Cards and Candy Perks. 

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies has definitely started off with a bang over the last 24 hours, featuring a brand new story, new items, and a star-studded cast. In this feature, we'll be breaking down both the Fate and Fortune Cards and Candy Perks that will be coming to Infinite Warfare Zombies.

Fate And Fortune Cards

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Fate and Fortune Cards are something brand-new to Call of Duty zombies. Fate and Fortune Cards are single match upgrades that can greatly enhance your abilities. Players will be able to build a deck of up to five cards before entering a game, and while Fate and Fortune Cards may sound a lot like Black Ops 3 Zombies GobbleGums, they act in a slightly different fashion.

Fate Cards are permanent and are unlocked through progression, whereas Fortune Cards can only be used once in an entire game. Infinite Warfare's latest Zombies stream also gave a new insight into the Fate and Fortune cards by stating that the cards will have a super meter that will fill up over time before you can use them. It's possible that this super meter will charge faster by killing zombies, spending points, and completing Easter Eggs, similar to the Specialist ability meter we've seen previously in Black Ops 3’s multiplayer.

Candy Perks

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Candy Perks are pretty much identical to the perks we've seen in both Treyarch and Sledgehammer’s Zombies, however this time they've been given a different name. These Candy Perks can be found at stations throughout the map that act as perk machines. Bang Bangs, Trail Blazers, and Sloppy Taffy are just some of the candies that will grant players unique abilities.

The DJ's role

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The DJ, played by the iconic David Hasselhoff, will likely play a huge role in both the Fate/Fortune Cards and the Candy Perks. It's been stated on countless occasions that Infinite Warfare Zombies’ DJ will help players in their quest for survival, but how will he do that? It's obvious that David Hasselhoff's character will be playing a Dr. Monty or Shadow Man role, which makes us want to believe that everything is not what it seems.

The DJ may help players with obtaining Candy Perks, activating traps, earning new Fate and Fortune cards. Yet it's also possible over the course of Infinite Warfare Zombies DLC that we could see a change of heart from The DJ. Infinity Ward loves plot twists, and over the course of Infinite Warfare Zombies DLC expansions, we slowly learn The DJ's real motives. Is it possible he's working alongside Willard Wyler to make a better movie? I guess we'll have to sit tight and enjoy the ride!

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