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How you can win an Amazon gift card by participating in our brand new survey. 

We here at OpsHead enjoy bringing you the latest and greatest Call of Duty news, guides, secrets, rumors, and more. To do this, we rely on ads that help support our site and allow us to continue delivering nonstop Call of Duty content to you for free.

We also work with various promotional sponsors to conduct market research on the gaming trends and preferences of our readers, and now we’re hosting our own survey (which you are by no means obligated to take), where you have the chance to win a snazzy new Amazon gift card!

To enter, simply fill out our short survey , provide a valid email address, and once the survey period ends, we’ll email the winners directly. Multiple winners will be chosen, so if you want to help shape the future of OpsHead content while also potentially winning cool prizes, be sure to fill out the survey while you can!

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