Black Ops 3: How To Solo Gorod Krovi

We list a few important tips to help you improve your solo strategy in Gorod Krovi. 

Black Ops 3 boasts some extremely tricky Zombies maps that are geared towards that of teamwork and coordination with other players, but there are quite a few players who prefer playing solo. Previously, we showed you how to solo the Black Ops 3 Zombies map, Zetsubou No Shima.

For Black Ops 3 players who want a few pointers for the newest Zombies map, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to solo Gorod Krovi.

Purchase Quick Revive

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As with all standard Zombies maps, locating the Perk-a-Cola machine and purchasing the Quick Revive perk while playing solo is a must. This perk costs only 500 points, which means you can start yourself off with an extra chance if you end up making a mistake early on. The Perk-a-Cola machine is always located in the starting area of a corresponding Zombies map. However, in Gorod Krovi it isn’t in plain view. Instead, the Perk-a-Cola machine is located near the exit of the spawn room and into the lower level of the building.

Locate The Power

The power is located in the Dragon Control room on Gorod Krovi which, to put it simply, is an expensive place to get to. There’s no quick way to get around buying the routes to the Dragon Control room, but in the end it should be made a priority if you’re soloing Gorod Krovi. When you eventually locate the power in Gorod Krovi, you’ll be able to set up for each perk that you want. Additionally, you will have access to traps and other essentials which will prove to be very useful for playing solo. 

Get the Ray Gun MK3

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For this step, you’re going to need to have the Immolation Liquidation GobbleGum equipped, then have enough points for the first set of doors outside of Gorod Krovi’s spawn, as well as the Mystery Box. Once you’re all set up with the GobbleGum and have the first door open, you’re free to activate your GobbleGum. Immolation Liquidation allows you to spawn three different Fire Sale power-ups, and you want to use all three at once to give yourself the full minute and thirty seconds of time to buy as many weapons as you can afford from the Mystery Box. Eventually, you’ll end up acquiring the Ray Gun MK3 which will further set you up for lasting into the higher rounds of Gorod Krovi.

Assemble The Dragon Shield

The shield is a staple in Call of Duty Zombies, but the difficulty of finding the parts can be a little troubling when a map is newer and you’re not as familiar with it. We have a full guide that will show you exactly how to build the Dragon Shield in Gorod Krovi if you’re not familiar with the locations of the parts or the crafting benches. This will be incredibly useful though in earlier and later rounds of Gorod Krovi as you’ll be able to run through zombies without taking any damage from the back.

Decide On A Course Of Action

There are many things to do in Gorod Krovi including the main Easter Egg, Dr. Monty Wisps, and other side quests such as how to obtain the Gauntlet of Siegfried. With so many paths to choose in addition to killing hordes of the undead, it helps to pre-plan a course of action to help you move through all of the necessary steps more fluidly. No matter what it is you’re looking to do in Gorod Krovi, the suggestions above will definitely help you get started and aid you in surviving the map solo.

For more useful Gorod Krovi tips be sure to check out our Gorod Krovi guide and tips hub which includes several helpful guides including one on how to purchase the Ray Gun MK3 from Gorod Krovi’s Mystery Box. If you enjoy tackling Black Ops 3 Zombies solo, read through our previous guide on how to solo Zetsubou No Shima.

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