How To Find The Mysterious Blue Flask In Gorod Krovi

Time to load up on Monkey Bombs in order track down the elusive Blue Flask in Black Ops 3’s Gorod Krovi. 

As part of their never-ending hunt to unearth all of Gorod Krovi’s secrets, Black Ops 3 players have discovered that using the Crate Power GobbleGum allows them to get an upgraded version of the Monkey Bomb throwables from Gorod Krovi’s Mystery Box. However, some suspected that there’s a way to get the upgraded Monkey Bombs without having to rely on a specific GobbleGum.

While it hasn’t yet been fully confirmed, the pervading theory is that earning the upgraded Monkey Bombs the old-fashioned way involves a mysterious new glowing Blue Flask power-up, and we’ve created a guide to help you find this Blue Flask in Gorod Krovi.

Step One: Get Some Monkey Bombs

The very first thing you’ll need to do in order to find the Blue Flask is get yourself some Monkey Bombs. They can be found as a randomized drop from the map’s Mystery Boxes, so loading up on the GobbleGums that let you spawn Firesale power-ups can be helpful. In case you don’t know, Monkey Bombs can be used alongside your standard grenades (they take up the same slot as the Tactical Equipment slot in competitive multiplayer) and when you throw one, all nearby zombies will flock to it before it blows up and kills them all.

Step Two: Rack Up 50 Monkey Bomb Kills

Once you have the Monkey Bombs, you simply have to earn 50 kills using the bombs. This is easier to do in the earlier Zombies rounds when standard zombies have a higher chance of being killed by the explosion instead of becoming crawlers, but even in later rounds it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Step Three: Pick Up The Blue Flask

Make sure you pay attention to the zombies you kill with your Monkey Bombs, as the Blue Flask will spawn in the spot where the 50th kill occurs. Unlike other power-ups like Insta-Kill and Max Ammo, you can’t simply touch the Blue Flask to acquire it. Instead, you have to actually go up to it and hold down the “use” button to claim it as your own.

As of the time of this writing, it is unclear how exactly the Blue Flask is meant to be used, but the fact that Monkey Bombs are required to acquire it makes it pretty likely that it ties into the upgraded Monkey Bombs method in some way. While the Blue Flask doesn’t show up as an item in your inventory, players have discovered that only one Blue Flask can spawn per match regardless of how many players are present, even if another player manages to rack up their own series of 50 Monkey Bomb kills once the Blue Flask has spawned.

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