Top 5 Black Ops 3 Community Camos

Highlighting five of the best community camos ever created for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is Call of Duty's biggest cosmetic-themed title in the franchise, with new taunts, gestures, and camos being added on a monthly basis. Despite this, fans want more from Treyarch when it comes to adding camos for weapons in the game. Recently fans have taken it upon themselves to create some insane camos for Black Ops 3 in the hopes that one day they will catch Treyarch’s attention, and subsequently be added to the game.

In this feature, we're highlighting the top five community camos ever created for Black Ops 3.

5. Galaxy

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A Galaxy camo is something that fans have pondered on ever since discovering Black Ops 3's secret camo, Dark Matter. The Galaxy camo would definitely be received well by fans because it appeals to a wide variety of tastes. Who knows, maybe one day Treyarch will add this camo as a possible incentive for hitting max prestige and unlocking Dark Matter, now that would be cool!

4. Benjamin Franklin

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The Benjamin Franklin camo has to be one of Black Ops 2's most successful camos. On the one hand, the camo is a tribute to one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and on the other was hugely successful due to the fact that camo being made entirely of American money. A Benjamin Franklin camo would have a warm welcome to Black Ops 3, considering its huge popularity during Black Ops 2.

3. Graffiti

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Once again, we list a camo that was hugely popular in Black Ops 2 — the graffiti camo. Although this new modernized design is different from the original, the bright colors are something that fans would really enjoy. The camo overall is very pleasing to the eye and while the camo does not act as camouflage as it should, we all know that Call of Duty fans love wacky and fun camos.

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