Black Ops 3: How To Do The Weekly Contract - August 8th

How to complete this week's Black Ops 3 Weekly Contracts. 

This week's Black Ops 3 Weekly Contracts require you to rack up a total of 20 wins, in addition to reaching a total of 50,000. In return for completing these Black Ops 3 Weekly Contracts you'll received the standard reward of 30 Cryptokeys and 60 minutes game time with Black Ops 3's 10th Specialist, BlackJack.

Black Ops 3 Loadout Options

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Just like the previous Black Ops 3 Weekly Contract, Fracture is the best game mode for these challenges. Despite the belief that playing Free- For-All or Gun Game would be better suited to completing these challenges, this is not actually the case. Yes, Free-For-All and Gun Game will grant you a win for placing in the top 3 players of the overall game, but they don’t give you enough score to complete the Weekly Contract in a timely manner.

It's all good getting your 20 wins challenge completed in several hours, but you then find yourself stuck changing to another game mode to gather up 30,000-40,000 points in order to complete the 50,000 Score Challenge. Instead, Fracture is the best option because you'll be able to get wins and a ton of points quickly, all at the same time. In fact, playing Fracture as aggressive as possible whilst still playing the objective is the fastest way to complete this Black Ops 3 Weekly Contract. Completing this week's Weekly Contract is fairly straightforward, as long as you're focused on the win.

The reason why this should be the case is because if you play for the win in a mode like Fracture, you'll find that you'll naturally rack up points and therefore be closer to completing your 50,000 score challenge. Feel free to select Scorestreaks are best suited to your playstyle for this Contract, as being more in your comfort zone will allow you to play better and therefore earn as many wins as possible.

Black Ops 3 Weekly Contract Tips

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One of the fundamental things you must remember whilst completing this Contract, is that you must do everything you can to secure the win. Usually playing win a submachine gun such as the recently buffed Vesper or high-damage Kuda will often give you a major advantage over your enemy. Playing super aggressive is also something that can completely take your enemy by surprise and therefore give you the advantage in potentially securing the win.

A combination of a submachine gun and the perks Tracker and Sixth Sense are usually a deadly combination that will more often than not give you a massive lead in being able to one-up the opposing team. Playing the objective as much as possible on a game mode such as Fracture is very useful, as you'll be gaining points for picking up tags, denying tags, securing tags, and also killing the opposing team. This means in total you have a better chance of getting more points than any other mode, which is something you need for this type of Weekly Contract.

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