Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DBSR-50 Sniper Review

Taking a closer look at the newest Black Ops 3 DLC Weapon, the DBRS-50 Sniper Rifle.

The DBSR-50 Sniper Rifle is one of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's newest DLC weapons, and was apparently inspired by the Black Ops 2 DSR-50. Don't be fooled, the DBSR-50 seems to share no similarities to the Black Ops 2 DSR-50 apart from the letters in its name. In this feature, we'll be breaking down the DBSR-50 to see how it matches against its Black Ops 2 equivalent.

DBSR-50 Design

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The overall design of the weapon is great with its narrow design and easy to use iron sights, which help make it an effective sniper rifle to use. The DBSR-50's main feature is its double-barreled design that allows you to have two opportunities to kill your enemy before having to pull back the bolt. This provides a huge advantage over other bolt-action Sniper Rifles in Black Ops 3, unfortunately the design of the DBSR-50 is where the positive reviews stop.

DBSR-50 Stats

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Surprisingly, the DBSR-50 has the lowest damage in its class at 75, which may seem confusing to some because of the frequent amount of one-hit kills you may get. The damage is increased on the DBSR-50 because of the damage multipliers, upping your odds a one-shot kill to the head, neck, chest, stomach and arms. Despite having the lowest damage in class, the damage multipliers help set the DBSR-50 on par with the Locus and SVG. The range, like all sniper rifles, will not change over distance.

Rate of Fire

The Rate of Fire on the DBRS-50 is a staggering 85 rounds per minute and for a bolt-action sniper rifle, that is a lot of bullets for such a short duration. In fact, the DBSR-50's Rate of Fire is twice as fast as both the Locus and the SVG. It should also be noted that being conservative with your bullets is the way to play with this weapon due to its slow rechamber animation (pulling the bolt).


The handling of the DBSR-50 is average for its class, and other sniper rifles will outperform this weapon when reload speeds are a factor. The Aim Down Sights time is also slow at 400 milliseconds, which is identical to the SVG, but slower than the Locus.

DBSR-50 Review

As mentioned in our R70 Ajax Review, the newest Supply Drop weapons are all unique in their own way. The double-barrel makes for some heartstopping moments when you can follow-up your first missed shot in an instant. One of the biggest drawbacks to the DBSR-50 is its ammo capacity, with only 6 bullets per magazine you'll find reloading a constant issue. Because of this drawback, Fast Mags is a must-have attachment for this weapon. Overall, the DBSR-50 is a viable sniper rifle, but is nowhere near comparable to the regular DSR-50. It feels like the DBSR-50 has simply adopted the DSR-50's name for no other reason than to push sales figures.

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