Black Ops 3: Is Dr. Monty a God?

Who is Dr. Monty, and why is he so important to the Zombies storyline?

Since 2008, Zombies fans have fallen in love with the lore that is the Black Ops 3 Zombies storyline. The community quickly pieced all the little bits of information together and a narrative was born. Out of that narrative came familiar faces like those of Dr. Ludvig Maxis, Dr. Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and of course Samantha. However, with Black Ops 3’s launch we were introduced to a brand new name, one that was unique to the game in a manner that we had not seen before.

That was Dr. Monty, who was introduced via the GobbleGum system and Dr. Monty’s Factory. Black Ops 3’s Gorod Krovi map plucked out several secrets from the Zombies storyline, including the formal introduction and interjection of Dr. Monty’s character.

Who is Dr. Monty? 

Dr. Monty was first visualized from his factory, one that so many players went to daily to try and test their luck with the best GobbleGums. For a long while, many thought that perhaps this is all we would see from Dr. Monty. However, others believed there had to be more to the story of this character and the story as a whole for an entire section of Zombies to be dedicated to his likelihood. Sure enough, Gorod Krovi gave us that more we were looking for with his character.

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Dr. Monty is never really revealed to us in a visual form, and is instead presented as a new narrator to the Zombies storyline. There are multiple quotes from him all throughout Gorod Krovi, some of which are level based, some that are Easter Egg based, and others that are just oddities that occur when a specific act is done. No matter how they are activated, the quotes each offer their own personal look into the mind of Dr. Monty. A large majority of the quotes give insight to that of the storyline such as:

“Alright! So you’ve got this universe; this big, change-y already volatile universe… and then you shatter it with a hammer. A metaphorical hammer – and it cracks and splinters into a million other universes, all coexisting, at exactly the same time. Do you have any idea how difficult that is to keep track of? I may be omnipotent, but I can’t be everywhere.”

This quote is user activated, located by shooting an orb outside of the tank factory in Gorod Krovi. This quote is more specifically important to the fabric of the storyline, but also it provides a heavy insight into the character of Dr. Monty. Monty is omnipotent, meaning that he is an all-knowing entity… essentially a god. Monty knows all, oversees all, but we’re just now hearing about him at this one finite point in the storyline. At this point, you’d probably think Dr. Monty working for the greater good, correct? Actually, it’s very possible that he is doing the exact opposite.

Is Dr. Monty the Bad Guy? 

Monty may prove to be the ultimate bad guy in the Black Ops 3 Zombies storyline. Up until Zetsubou No Shima, the community collectively thought there had to be some twist, that the blood vials Richtofen has been collecting was some alternative plan, or that Maxis hiding information from Richtofen, that someone would be double-crossed. Perhaps that is still possible, but it seems like Monty is the more direct threat to our characters’ plans to mend the universe. Deception seems to be his forte as another string of quotes happens once you hit round 15 where the player can be downed three times with each character to activate three different audio cues.

There’s rumor and evidence of extra quotes after you hit round 50 and repeat the process, but there’s no need to dive too far into those as the quotes on 15 suffice. Monty first will start your character’s direct line of communication by appealing to their intimate side, talking them up and making them feel good or directly sympathizing with them. However, in the final quotes to Nikolai, Takeo, and Dempsey, Monty will always make it evident that they should keep an eye on Richtofen. He refers to the others that two in the group may be scheming.

“So, besides the changes in your own outlook, have you noticed a change in Richtofen? Dempsey? Well, I’m not trying to stir things up but, does it seem to you like the two of them may be scheming between themselves?” - To Takeo

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Monty is trying to tear our group apart for reasons unknown by planting the seeds of doubt. Takeo perhaps being the most volatile and subject to speculation as he’s been previously in the storyline would totally disregard the constant bickering between Richtofen and Dempsey and begin to sense a little paranoia. For whatever reasoning, the doubt is being instilled into our characters and Monty seems to know what nerves to hit. Rumors have swirled around that perhaps Monty is similar to the Shadow Man, a being of omnipotent background that is a master of deception.

Seems pretty accurate for a description of what we can infer right now. Whether or not he’s similar or perhaps even the same character, it’s yet to be understood. One thing is for certain, he will be making a large return in DLC 4. However it may unfold, the power struggle now seems as if it will be focused on that of Richtofen and Monty, a new player has entered the center stage and will try to enact his own dastardly plan.

DLC 4 will certainly prove to be a treat for all players as the storyline could conclude in a massive ending or perhaps leave off in a cliffhanger as we’ve seen many times before. The conclusion to Black Ops 3 Zombies will certainly leave fans gasping but for now, Monty still appears to be the wild card, and a true wild one at that.

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