Gorod Krovi Perma Perks Easter Egg

Multiple zombies players are reporting on a new perma perk Easter Egg on Gorod Krovi. 

A brand new possible Gorod Krovi Easter Egg has recently been discovered, which will allow you to keep all your perks after being downed. The recently discovered Easter Egg or glitch was first reported on the Black Ops 3 zombies reddit and already fans are throwing out wild speculations on how the Easter Egg is completed. This new Easter Egg or glitch is no doubt a potential game changer for Black Ops 3 zombies and has caused hundreds of fans to try and get to the bottom of the discovered Perma Perks in Gorod Krovi.

Completing The Main Easter Egg

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Many fans are reporting that in order to do the Easter Egg, you need to complete the main Gorod Krovi Easter Egg in under 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you're unaware on how to complete the Gorod Krovi Easter Egg, you can find out how with our Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg Guide. This theory is something that is understandable, considering Treyarch likes to reward people for completing the map Easter Eggs. Even thought this seems like a great Easter Egg that could have taken a while to complete and understand, I really can't see Treyarch implementing something like this in zombies. What furthermore confirms my assumptions is according to fans, there is a mixed response on if this works or not. Some players reported that this is the way to complete this Easter Egg, yet others are stating they did not keep there perks after being downed. This means that it really isn't something that we should further look into, especially if lots of fans have already reported it doesn't unlock Perma Perks.

Collecting The Gate Worms and Summoning Key

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A while back we covered the Black Ops 3 Super Easter Egg and stated that in DLC 4 you'll need to have all 4 gate worms and the summoning key in order to complete the final Easter Egg. Gaining all the gate worms and summoning key required you to complete all of the main Easter Eggs on all of the maps. Many fans believe that in order to activate the Perma Perks Easter Egg, that all players in the game need to have all 4 gate worms and the Summoning Key unlocked. This is a particular interesting theory as it could be just the beginning in terms of what Treyarch will do for DLC 4, Revelations. Is this a warm up for what's to come? It's very plausible. Once again, although this seems like a reasonable theory, plenty of fans are reporting that this particular method does not work. It seems though that the reddit community is coming together to get to the bottom of this potential Easter Egg by completing both of these theories individual and also at the same time.

Despite all the speculations floating around the internet, it's also possible that this could just be a glitch that Treyarch needs to remove. Usually after several weeks of the recent DLC, Treyarch releases a massive patch update that removes a wide array of glitches uncovered once in the hands of the public. It's worth noting that Perma Perks was not removed in the recent 1.14 Patch Update, but it could be removed later as it wasn’t discovered until recently. What do you think? Is this a glitch, or perhaps the result of a brand new Easter Egg? Treyarc is known for hiding things that are not found for weeks, or even years, so will have to wait and see!

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