Black Ops 3: How To Do The Weekly Contract - August 1st

How to complete this week's Black Ops 3 Weekly Contracts. 

This week’s Black Ops 3 Weekly Contract requires you to get 25 kills with scorestreaks and 25 kills while your Specialist Abilities are activated. In this feature, we aim to help you complete this Black Ops 3 weekly contract as quickly as possible.

Black Ops 3 Loadout Options

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For both of contracts, you’ll be playing the Fracture game mode in order to complete each Weekly Contract as fast as possible. Fracture is Black Ops 3's newest game mode, and allows players to rack up some serious points when playing the objective. Selecting Seraph's Combat Focus ability will allow you to complete both the “Get 25 kills with Scorestreaks”, and the “Get 25 medals using Specialist Abilities” contract quickly. The reason for this is because Combat Focus contributes directly to both challenges at the same time. Fracture is the perfect game mode to use this Specialist Ability, as it pairs perfectly with Seraph’s Combat Focus.

If you're a player that struggles to get scorestreaks, it will naturally be wise to use some of the easier scorestreaks to obtain such as Hellstorm Missile, Lightning Strike, and the Sentry Gun. The reason why you should use these scorestreaks in particular is because they're all reasonably close to each other, which means that once Combat Focus is activated and you get just one kill, you're likely to unlock them all at the same time. 

Black Ops 3 Weekly Contract Tips 

Once you've acquired these scorestreaks, it's wise to wait for a Fracture location that is not within a building. This will allow you to get the maximum amount of kills possible, especially if the enemy team has taken control of the Fracture location. Remember that when your Combat Focus is activated, you still need to get kills in order to also complete your “Get 25 medals using Specialist Abilities” challenge. If you're more of an experienced player that finds getting scorestreaks easy, try running the HATR, Wraith, and RAPS.

This combination of scorestreaks are once again close to each other in terms of how many points they cost, which means you’ll be able to activate them one right after another. In addition, this setup of scorestreaks is better for aiding you in racking up more kills. You should also take the time to select the right weapon, attachments, and perks to make completing this Weekly Contract as easy as possible. A Submachine gun like the recently buffed Vesper is an ideal candidate for the fast-paced Fracture mode.

When paired with attachments such as Extended Mags, Quickdraw, and Grip, you'll be untouchable. For perks, Overclock and Ante Up are obvious choices. Overclock will allow you to get your Specialist Ability faster, and Ante Up will do the same for your scorestreaks, as you'll spawn with a small starting bonus towards them.

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