Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: Can We Still Expect A Beta?

Taking a look at why an Infinite Warfare beta announcement is still possible. 

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been met with many mixed reviews; some people love the game and the content that has been shown, while others hate the game in its entirety. One thing is for certain though, now that Infinite Warfare’s full marketing campaign is out swinging, fans and skeptics alike have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of an Infinite Warfare beta. Unfortunately, it’s officially August and we’ve yet to hear anything in regards to a beta for Infinite Warfare, so the question now stands... can we still expect a beta?

Infinite Warfare vs. Black Ops 3

It isn’t much of a surprise that the latest title in the Call of Duty franchise has been met with a fair bit of skepticism, especially considering how many radical new changes Infinite Warfare has brought to the table. A space theme is definitely “out there” when it comes to the foundation the Call of Duty brand has been built upon.

However, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 presented a very similar situation. With the introduction of Specialists, wall running, and the return of thruster-based movement, it was difficult for fans to get on board with Black Ops 3 at first. Fortunately, all of that changed once players were able to get a first-hand feel for the game in the form of the Black Ops 3 beta last August. Could a surprise beta for Infinite Warfare do the same?

Infinite Warfare Pre-Order Incentives

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Earlier in the year, Infinite Warfare was leaked before the official reveal was scheduled to take place, and fans immediately began looking for some sort of pre-order incentive for the game as one is usually announced alongside the reveal of the upcoming title. That one bonus turned out to be the inclusion of Modern Warfare Remastered, which only comes in the Legacy and Legacy Pro editions of Infinite Warfare. However, a few images surfaced which showcased the receipt of Infinite Warfare labeled as a code for a future offer and another image showing off an explicit message, “scratch to reveal beta code.”

After seeing those image back in April, and we have still yet to hear a mention of an Infinite Warfare beta. Could it be too late to hope for an Infinite Warfare beta? While time is indeed ticking down, perhaps it’s not too late to hope for an Infinite Warfare beta. Sure, we have the two pieces of evidence in the receipts and beta cards seen in April, but what other evidence exists to allow us to hold out hope for such a late reveal?

Call of Duty XP

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That evidence falls in the vastly delayed schedule for Infinite Warfare’s marketing compared to Black Ops 3 last year. This time last year we had just about everything laid out for us (perhaps some things more than others), including Black Ops 3’s campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies. As it stands right now, we’ve only seen Infinite Warfare’s campaign and know that multiplayer and Zombies will be a thing in Infinite Warfare. No more, no less.

By that logic, it would only make sense for a beta announcement (no matter how large), to be held until after the reveal of Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer which will be debuted at the Call of Duty XP event this September in Los Angeles, California. Fans attending the convention will have the ability to get their hands on with Black Ops 3’s fourth and final DLC pack, as well as Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer after its reveal. The perfect timing for a beta announcement would be at Call of Duty XP. With fans getting their first taste of Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer via a playable demo, it would only make sense to then open that up to everyone from home as well.

Infinite Warfare’s November Release Date

Another thing to keep in mind is that now marks the current time in the Infinite Warfare’s marketing campaign where there will be a last second push to help boost pre-order numbers. While incentives are offered before the release of each and every Call of Duty title, Black Ops 3 pushed the single week growth limit to near record numbers last year with the announcement of game’s beta. With so many people on the fence regarding Infinite Warfare, a beta would be the most logical way to rebound on some of those numbers.

Although it may seem like a lost cause at the moment, the idea of an Infinite Warfare beta shouldn’t be completely thrown aside just yet. Even though it is already August, we still have a good three months before the release of Infinite Warfare this November. Until then, we’ll stay on our toes for an Infinite Warfare beta reveal.

If you’d like to learn more about the upcoming Call of Duty XP event, we’ve detailed all the information about Activision’s official announcement of the return of Call of Duty XP. For more on pre-order incentives for Infinite Warfare, be sure to check out how Terminal will be returning in Infinite Warfare! If you’re excited about Infinite Warfare’s campaign, we have even more for you to be excited about with our recap of Infinite Warfare’s Black Sky campaign mission.

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