Black Ops 3: Richtofen Confirms Sal DeLuca Connection in Gorod Krovi

This Easter Egg hints at a confirmed connection between Mob of the Dead and Gorod Krovi. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Decent DLC and its newest Zombies map, Gorod Krovi, have been out for over two weeks now and believe it or not, we’re still discovering new pieces of Zombies information. While the information may not fit in with Gorod Krovi’s main Easter Egg, it does drop hints towards various elements in the Black Ops 3 Zombies storyline. For example, something that has been strung out over the entirety of the Black Ops 3 Zombies storyline is Richtofen’s blood vials, and possible connections to the Mob of the Dead crew.

Today, we’re going to examine a quote found in Gorod Krovi courtesy of Richtofen, that provides new insight into the fate of our Mob of the Dead crew, and their importance to the overall Zombies storyline.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Connections

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Up until this point, we’ve always known that Mob of the Dead was an important piece to the Zombies storyline because Blundell himself confirmed it numerous times, both directly and indirectly with statements that no map acts as a standalone in the Zombies storyline. We knew there would be something in the Mob of the Dead map that was going to be important and integral to overall story arch whether it was the consistent quotes referring to characters from Shadows of Evil, Richtofen’s blood vials which match the prison IDs of Sal DeLuca and Finn O’Leary, to the multiple appearances of Icarus in Shadows of Evil,

The Giant, and Zetsubou No Shima. Gorod_Krovi_Blood_Vials.jpg While playing as Richtofen In Gorod Krovi, players were once again provided with a clue pertaining to the fate of the Mob of the Dead crew, specifically Sal DeLuca. When using the Electric Trap by the Operations Bunker entrance, Richtofen exclaims:

“Ah, an old favorite! Execution by electrocution… ah, rest in peace, Sal.”

On the surface, this quote may seem like nothing, however there are a few reasons why this is actually extremely intriguing.

Richtofen Acknowledges the Mob of the Dead Crew

As noted above, we’ve had various nods toward the Mob of the Dead crew, even though the direct connections have yet to be officially confirmed. With this quote, Richtofen blatantly acknowledges that he has knowledge about Sal DeLuca from Mob of the Dead. In regards to the Zombies storyline, we know that Weasel was the key in Mob of the Dead, but we have not heard anything outside of Sal and Finn over the course of Black Ops 3 Zombies.

What this means for the continuation of connections being made with Mob of the Dead in Black Ops 3 is yet unknown, but it is certainly going to come as a “Revelation” in Black Ops 3 DLC 4 which is slated to release in a few month’s time. 

The Death of Sal DeLuca

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Despite the shortness of Richtofen’s quote, one rather large piece of significance is the tail end of the quote stating “rest in peace, Sal.” If we take a look back at the Mob of the Dead story, the entire cycle is based upon the crew dying and then repeating the process of survival. When the cycle is finally broken, it is instead Weasel who kills the rest of the crew (which is the opposite of how the cycle goes). If that is the case, the quote indicates that the cycle has indeed been broken and that Sal DeLuca and the others are likely dead.

Whether it is indicative of how Richtofen acquired the blood vials from Finn O’Leary and Sal DeLuca, we do not know as of yet, but we may get additional hints in Black Ops 3 DLC 4. Perhaps the cycle was broken and Weasel killed the crew, or perhaps Richtofen was the one who ultimately brought down Sal DeLuca and Finn, collecting their blood and holding onto it for his current hidden agenda.

Whatever the result may be, this simple audio quote that often goes overlooked definitely adds additional context to the connections between Richtofen and Mob of the Dead crew, and perhaps even a bit of insight as to how the story will unfold in DLC 4.

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