Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi Wisp Locations and Quotes

Where to find all ten wisps in Gorod Krovi to learn more about Dr. Monty. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Descent DLC, and Zombies map Gorod Krovi, have been out for nearly two weeks now. While everything is wrapping up from the hunt for Gorod Krovi’s main Easter Egg, something still on player’s minds is the main storyline pieces that were revealed regarding Dr. Monty’s backstory. There are 10 wisps in Gorod Krovi, each of which contain a snippet of dialogue from Dr. Monty. Today, we’ve compiled a list of each of the 10 wisps, and their respective quotes to help you follow along with Dr. Monty’s message.

Tank Factory Overhang

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While walking around the Tank Factory in Gorod Krovi, you may notice that there is a quite a bit off in the distance while looking out over the drop off where the dragon picks you up. This is the site of the first wisp. If you go to the console in the Tank Factory and look out into the distance you want to shoot for the middle of the hanging piece of metal. Once you do you will hear the following:

“Hello? Testing, testing, do you hear me? Testing, testing... actually, I don't know why I'm doing all this. I'm almost one hundred percent certain that you can hear me. So let's not fanny about, ok? Where best to start... the universe is big. Really big. So try to imagine the biggest thing that you can. And then imagine that you're way off. It's a million, billion, trillion... zillion? Times bigger than that. Actually, don't worry about the size, it's fucking huge. Let's just leave it at that. More important than it's humongous proportions is the fact the universe is a living, breathing thing, ever-changing, ever-shifting. Existing across and beyond time and space, itself. With me so far?”

Spawn Cart

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For this wisp, it is fairly simple and hidden in plain view. You can find it in the debris near the edge of the playable area in the spawn room by the Quick Revive. There you will find a cart, and in that cart is the wisp. Shoot it, and you will hear the following:

“Alright! So you've got this universe, this big changey, already volatile universe, and then you shatter it with a hammer. A metaphorical hammer, and it cracks and splinters into a million other universes. All co-existing at exactly the same time. Do you have any idea how difficult that is to keep track of? I may be omnipotent, but I can't be everywhere.”

Supply Depot Overhang

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In Gorod Krovi’s Supply Depot, you will be able to go up to the overhang for the dragon station and track down the location of this wisp. Somewhat difficult to get to, this wisp will require a jump shot to activate, as it is on a completely different level than that of the playable area of the map, and is quite far off in the distance. Once you get the shot down, following the audio cue will play:

“Now, if it'd be entirely up to me, you numbskulls would be the last people I would entrust with this but, due to factors outside of my control, you're all I've got. I know there's a lot going on. I know it's a lot to take in, but the universe is deeply unstable right now. Things are going to get a lot worse before they are going to get better. Crazy as things are, I will try my absolute best to give you all some one-on-one time. Some good old fashioned TLC. Do this right, and everything will be okay. Pinky promise!”

Pack-A-Punch Room Table

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Once in the Pack-A-Punch bunker, you can begin your search for the next wisp. Off in the distance from the playable area is a table littered with papers, on it you may be able to see the next wisp. Once you locate and shoot it, Monty will speak again:

“Maxis. He was the first. The vessel you constructed for him back in World War I somehow shielded him from the influence of element 115. He opened the portal between the worlds and well that's where and when shit really went tits up! The world within the world got turned upside down and inside out if you can imagine such a thing. So, anyway, it was around then that I was forced to... step in.”

Staircase Window Near Spawn

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This one is hidden in plain view, but can once again be quite tricky to spot. If you enter into the room just outside of spawn, this will provide you with a frame of reference. The wisp is located in the racks of rugs that are behind the staircase and to the right. It is hidden behind the rugs but once you shoot it you will get yet another quote:

“Samantha! Oh boy. You ever heard the phrase "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"? Well, that fury is even worse with a little girl, especially one as confused as that poor child is. She really didn't get much of a chance, did she? Right out of the gate she was thrown into this madness, before she could ever figure out exactly who she was. Still, that's all ancient history now. She's safe, in the house.”

Bridge Overhang

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For this wisp, you are going to have to activate the bridge to connect you from the third story to that of the upper level. From here, you will need to stay on the bridge. The wisp is off in the debris and in plain view. Shoot it to reveal another quote from Monty:

“Okay, here's a quick cheat sheet. you all fought in World War I. Whoopee! You are badass heroes! That was true, that happened. Later, some other versions of you ended up as lab rats in some crazy World War II experiments, experiments that left you, a bit, kind of hmmm... not that smart. Your memories were mostly erased and you just kind of bumbled and stumbled around in time and space oblivious to your past and future actions.”

Mannequin On Third Floor

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On the third floor of the warehouse outside of spawn is an array of cabinetry and mannequins. In between one of the mannequins and the wall is another wisp. This one can be a bit tougher to get an eye on, but it is possible to shoot through the skirt of the mannequin and activate it. From there another quote will be prompted:

“You know how people say that every snowflake is unique? That every single one is an individual, one-of-a-kind, irrefutable evidence of the miracles of mother nature? Well, it's not true. Snowflakes aren't all that unique. There are really only about 12 different designs. The point I'm making is that you lot are hardly one-of-a-kind snowflakes. You were fragmented across a multitude of different realities but each and every one is basically the same. You are all you. The liar, the braggart, the drunk. The one who didn't know what he had until it was gone. The good soldier. Never disobeyed orders, never broke protocol, still kicked ass all the same. The loyal servant. A warrior out of time, born too late or born too early, unbound to dying traditions. The man-child, broken and twisted by a life burdened with knowledge. Living like a soul who is perpetually drowning.”

Roof of Dragon Command

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In the Dragon Command near Sophia, you can step up the stairs and interact with the console for Groph modules and other instances. You will need to be up on the stairs to get a vantage point for the next wisp. This one is located above the crack in the roof of the Dragon Command. It will be sitting above the concrete hole and is once again able to be shot. Its quote is as follows:

“You need to stop thinking in terms of originals, old and new, it's not like that. When you look in the mirror, it's still you. If you crack that mirror, you see multiple reflections. It doesn't mean you've actually multiplied, does it? Honestly, I’m not sure why I'm trying to explain it. Shit's fucked up. Please, fix it.”

Pack-A-Punch Bunker Drop In

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Perhaps the toughest wisp out of the ten is the one that will require you to shoot the wisp while you are being dropped into the Pack-A-Punch bunker. Similar to the elements of the Easter Eggs in various maps with piping, this one requires you to stay alert and shoot the wisp while falling. It is possible to shoot it after you’ve dropped in, but can prove to be tough to do. Once you manage to hit it, you’ll get this quote:

“You see, the thing is, I'm meant to stay on the sidelines, not really supposed to get involved. Free will and all that stuff. Oh, that was my idea by the way. However, I do see stuff now and then that makes me go "oh, oh... that's not good, I should really do something" but the thing is, all I can really do is give things a little nudge. Sew a seed, plant an idea, see what grows, see what sticks.”

Tank Factory Sewer

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Outside of the tank factory you will see a barricade marking the edge of the playable area of the map and near that there will be a sewer pipe that is broken up from the destruction of Stalingrad. You will have to take aim into the sewer and once you spot the wisp off in the distance, shoot it to hear the final audio quote:

“Where do you think all these magic weapon boxes come from? The chalk drawings on the wall? The magic ammo drops? The gumball machines? Do I need to go on, or do you get the message? I just hope you appreciate it.”

It certainly seems like Dr. Monty is much more than we previously believed him to be. We will more than likely see a grand return and resolution of the storyline in the next Black Ops 3 DLC expansion, Revelations, which is rumored to be releasing sometime in the next few months.

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