Black Ops 3: How To Kill Nikolai 1.0 In Gorod Krovi

Use our guide to defeat the boss of the Main Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Descent DLC Zombie map, Gorod Krovi.

Defeating Nikolai 1.0 is the final step of completing the Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg. You will be unable to access the Nikolai 1.0 boss fight without completing all previous steps of the Main Easter Egg, so use our comprehensive Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg Guide to make sure you are ready for the final boss fight. After the baby dragon has delivered the Power Core to Nikolai 1.0, you are ready to defeat the final boss and unlock the Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg!

Prepare For The Nikolai 1.0 Boss Fight

There is nothing worse than going into a long, hard fought battle with no ammo, bad gobblegums and a nearly broken shield. To give yourself the best possible chance of completing the boss battle (Nikolai 1.0), it's suggested that you do the following:

  • Ensure all players have a fresh shield. 
  • Ensure one player has a pack-a-punched NX-Shadow Claw as you can revive team mates by shooting them.
  • Ensure one player has a pack-a-punched LMG to deal mass damage to the dragon.
  • Ensure all players have good gobblegums, such as Perkaholic, Phoenix Up and Aftertaste.
  • Ensure as many players as possible have monkey bombs.
  • Ensure all players have the best possible Pack-a-Punched weapons (Brecci's, Haymaker's, GKS-45 MK3's etc.)

After all players in the game have the best possible gobblegums, weapons and perks you'll now be ready to enter the boss fight. 

Entering The Nikolai 1.0 Boss Area

All players should stand on the platform where Sophia's machine once was and you should all fall into a sewer system that will place you into the boss fight. Once there, activate the green platform in the middle of the map to begin the fight. When the fight has been activated, Nikolai 1.0 will spawn in the map inside a giant robot, however the goal of the boss fight at the moment is to defeat the dragon. Do not shoot Nikolai 1.0 yet, it will deal no damage and will cause you to lose ammo. 

Defeating The Dragon

The Dragon will also spawn on one of the corners around the map and will begin to breathe fire, survive the flames by sheltering in the trenches or by using your shield. After time has past a part of the dragon will glow on either its wings, chest or neck. When the glow appears all players should focus on shooting that part to make it explode, after the body part has exploded the dragon will then fly to a different part of the map and after Nikolai 1.0 has shot some harpoons into it another area will glow. If you're struggling to find which part of the dragon is glowing, stay alive for a few moments and eventually Nikolai 1.0 will shout a quote that will tell you its location. 

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Once all three areas have been shot and exploded the dragon itself will finally explode. When the dragon has exploded a small cutscene will appear that consists of a conversation between Nikolai and Nikolai 1.0. 

Defeating Nikolai 1.0

After the cutscene has completed the Nikolai 1.0 boss fight will now begin. Nikolai's 1.0 machine will have three different forms of attacks, the main turret, electric harpoons and RAPS from his back. During each attack the mech suit will glow yellow in which all players must focus as much damage as possible to that area. After three areas have been destroyed the final area will be on the middle of the mech suit, just below the glass windows.

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It's important to know that during the boss fight Nikolai 1.0 will focus his attacks on different players at different times, so that players should always focus on staying alive when this occurs by taking cover in the trenches. It's also worth noting that during the whole battle zombies, Russian Manglers and Valkyrie's will spawn in the map and attack all players. Focus on staying alive and kill as little of these as possible as they will continuously be spawning for an infinite amount of time.

After all area's have been destroyed on Nikolai's 1.0 mech suit he will fall to the ground and the Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg is now completed!

Stay with our Gorod Krovi Guide Hub for the latest Information and new secrets that are sure to pop up. Want to carry your friends through the Main Easter Egg faster next time? Get the Ray Gun Mark 3 in Round 1!

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