Gorod Krovi: How to Complete the Main Easter Egg

Learn how to complete the Main Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Descent DLC Zombie Map, Gorod Krovi.

Gorod Krovi could be Treyarch's most ambitious Call of Duty zombies map in recent history, as it contains possibly one of the more complex Main Easter Eggs we've ever seen. In this feature we'll be showing you a full tutorial walkthrough of the Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg.

Before getting started with the tutorial it's worth noting that no Gobblegums are needed in order to complete the Easter Egg, unlike Zetsubou No Shima and the required Anywhere But Here Gobblegum. Although a Gobblegum is not required, it's always worth equipping gobblegums that will give yourself and your team mates the best possible chance of completing the Main Gorod Krovi Easter Egg - Perkaholic, Phoenix Up and Aftertaste are always a good choice.

We will be showing you how to complete the Main Gorod Grovi Easter Egg as fast and as easy as possible, so round up your three best friends and get ready to beat Gorod Krovi!

Note: The Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg requires steps you may already know, or steps that will need to be repeated. To account for this we have listed each step in our chapter system, use the Table of Contents to navigate this page. Clicking on a chapter of the Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg will bring you to that specific step.

Gorod Krovi: Turn On The Power

Turning on the power in Gorod Krovi is fairly easy and straight forward process. However, if you've not been able to turn it on then check out how to turn on the power in Gorod Krovi.

Gorod Krovi: Activate The Pack-a-Punch

Activating the Pack-a-Punch can be completed in 5 simple steps, and it is required to complete the Gorod Krovi Easter Egg. Once again, if you are unsure, we will show you how to activate the Pack-a-Punch in Gorod Krovi.

Gorod Krovi: Find The Dragon Egg

After activating pack-a-punch you'll be set to embark on completing the Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg. To start the main Easter Egg, don’t leave the Pack-a-Punch room. Go upstairs to get the Dragon in lockdown mode, so make sure you have gobblegums, perks and ammo at the ready to fight off the zombies. After around a minute the bunker will then go out of lockdown mode and you'll be able to head down the to sewer entrance.

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Do not go down the sewer pipe, but instead look above it (where the hole in the building is) and look towards the left hand side, here you should see a Dragon Egg. One player must shoot the Dragon Egg down with a few bullets and then pick it up by holding square. After one player has picked up the Dragon Egg, then all players in the game should see it within their inventory. 

You can do your Dragon Wings challenge now if you'd like.

Gorod Krovi: Turn On The Generator

The generator is located in the same room in which you picked up the Dragon Egg, so if you're close to a drone round, it might be worth staying in this area to activate the generator. Aim for the red spots to pick up a Valkyrie Helmet.

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If you're struggling to find the generator then go to the basement of the Pack-a-Punch room and look for a green tarp, underneath this tarp is the generator you need to activate. The generator is activated by killing a drone near it, sending a bolt of electricity to the generator. If you've done this step correctly, then the generator tarp will be slightly blowing due to the air flow.

Gorod Krovi: Complete The Valve Puzzle

The valve puzzle can be slightly frustrating, so it's recommended that you complete this step with a few friends before attempting it solo. When the generator is powered you'll have a total of 2-3 minutes to complete this step. If you fail, you'll have to try again by powering the generator.

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You'll need to find a total of 6 valves that are scattered throughout the map and these valves will be one of three colors depending on the air flow that are in them; green indicates the start point, blue shows air flow and white signifies no air flow. The overall goal is to have a total of 1 green valve and 5 blue valves by directing the air flow throughout the valves in the correct order. The locations of the valves are:

  • Department Store - On the first floor of store on the opposite side of Kuda
  • Dragon Command - Up the stairs in the Dragon Command
  • Supply Depot - Below the bookcase in Supply Depot
  • Infirmary - Below the Stamin-Up Perk-a-Cola
  • Armory - Near the Bridge Control
  • Tank Factory - Just outside the tank factory, underneath the platform

Once the puzzle is solved, a cylinder from the last machine will appear, pick up this cylinder and place it inside the Sophia machine in the Dragon Command. 

Gorod Krovi: Dragon Nest Challenges

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The Dragon Nest can be located in four locations but it's recommended that you use the nest outside the Dragon Command as it's the biggest open space. Place the egg inside the Dragons Nest and wait for the dragon to breathe fire in the area, once the dragon has spawned and done this you'll need to wait one round for the egg to cool down. After the egg has cooled, make your way to the tombstone area of the spawn and you'll notice that three challenges have appeared. These challenges are:

  • Kill Napalm Zombies
  • Get penetrating multi-kills
  • Get melee kills

Kill Napalm Zombies

The easiest way to kill napalm zombies is to gather a large group of zombies and wait for the dragon to breathe fire on them. Be careful as napalm zombies will explode when killed, potentially damaging you if you get too close.

Penetrating Multi-kills

Penetrating multi-kills requires you to kill two or more zombies with one bullet and it's recommend you do this challenge with a sniper rifle. Unfortunately, the bullet needs to pass through two or more zombies without exploding them, so wonder weapons will not work. Train the zombies together for a while, then turn around and blast some sniper shots.

Melee Kills

Melee kills are self explanatory and require you to kill zombies with either your normal knife, bowie knife or shield. The shield will be the best option at this particular point in the Easter Egg as it will still insta-kill zombies instead of requiring multiple knife hits. 

Gorod Krovi: Charge The Dragon Egg

After completing your challenges, you must take the Dragon Egg to the hatchery below the Pack-a-Punch room, once you're there place the Dragon Egg inside the incubator. Once the Dragon Egg is placed in the incubator the room will once again lockdown like previously. Fight off the zombies and drones to charge the egg with souls. Once this has been completed and the egg is charged you'll need to continue killing zombies for a further 2 rounds to wait for the egg to cool down. Remember the sooner these steps are completed the easier it will be.

Collect The Gauntlet Of Siegfried

After you've collected the Dragon Egg you should make your way back to the challenge tombstones you completed earlier, once there, hold square for your reward. Your reward will be the Gorod Krovi Wonder Weapon, the Gauntlet of Siegfried. This weapon is required to complete the Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg.

Gorod Krovi: Gather The Statues

After collecting the Gauntlet of Siegfried wonder weapon, you'll now be able to gather all 6 statues scattered around the map. If you started collecting statues already, that’s ok, but you will need the Gauntlet of Siegfried to gather all of them.

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Here's the locations of all six statues:

  • Shoot the red light inside the sewer exit from the Pack-a-Punch area and get the statue from toilet near the Pack-a-Punch
  • Interact with the Gigant Laser Beam Trap outside the Supply Depot
  • Head to Tank Factory, use shield’s dragon fire attack on the pipe outside
  • Use Dragon Strike on the puddle outside the Supply Depot
  • Melee attack the vault inside Operations Bunker using the Gauntlet of Siegfried WW
  • Look in the opposite direction while standing in front of Dragon Command and shoot at the statue on the high wall.

Once all six statues have been obtained you can then make your way back to the Dragon Command. Sophia's machine should now allow you to open up a password cylinder by holding square, once the password cylinder has been opened you should see a total of 6 wheels with letters on them, shoot each wheel and spell out KRONOS from top to bottom. Once KRONOS has been entered you will want to interact with Sophia's machine once again to confirm the password. 

Gorod Krovi: Sophia's Challenges

Once all six statues have been obtained, you want to place all the trophies onto the map screen that's opposite Sophia's machine. After all six statues have been placed you can then press the green button by holding the action button (Square on PS4, X on Xbox One). Each individual trophy will give you a challenge and each challenge must be completed in order to progress in the Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg, if you fail a challenge, don't worry, it can be restarted in the next round.  After completing a challenge, you can then press the green button again to get the next challenge. You do not need to start a new round for each challenge if you've completed the previous one.

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All six challenges will appear in a different order each game.

Shoot The Yellow Orb

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Gersch's Soul (the yellow orb) will randomly spawn around the map. Once the orb has spawned yourself and your teammates need to continuously shoot the orb with a pack-a-punched weapon, the goal of this challenge is to shoot the yellow orb until it freezes and turns purple. Once the orb has turned purple you'll hear a quote from Gersch, after this quote you need to locate the orb again and continue to shoot the orb until three different quotes by Gersch have been heard. When three quotes have been triggered, the orb will fly to Sophia's machine and the challenge will be completed. 

Defuse The Bombs

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Defusing the Bombs challenge is very similar to the Simon Says challenges we've seen in previous Easter Eggs, however this one is probably the most difficult one to complete. A total of six bombs will need to be defused in two minutes, when this challenge has been activated Sophia will flash the order of the bombs in which they need to be diffused on the large computer screen. It's advised that you write down abbreviations of the order in which the bombs need to be diffused because they are shown fairly quickly, for example Dragon Command would be "DC". If for whatever reason you cannot complete Simon Says in time, get to spawn or ride a dragon as soon as possible, or the bombs will kill you once they explode.

Escort The Valkyrie

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When this challenge is activated a friendly Valkyrie will spawn somewhere around the map, you'll notice he's friendly as he'll have green eyes. Simply stay close to the Valkyrie and escort it to the Dragon Command without it dying. 

Escort The Mangler

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This challenge is identical to escorting the Valkyrie, simple escort a friendly Russian Mangler to the Dragon Command teleported. You'll know the Russian Mangler is friendly because he will also have green eyes. Tip – Have two of your team mates training the majority of zombies in different areas around the map to make this challenge easier. 

Secure The Drop Pod

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The Drop Pod challenge is very easy to complete. Once this challenge has been activated look into the sky for a green beam of light and make your way towards it. A Drop Pod would have fallen outside the map and the challenge is to defend it until it opens. When this channel has activated zombies will not spawn in the other areas of the map, so make sure that all of your team mates are in this area to give you the best chance of completing the challenge.

Once the Drop Pod has opened and you've successfully defended it, you'll need to send your Whelp (the little baby dragon) to collect the cargo. 

IMPORTANT – Make sure that only one person sends their Whelp to collect the cargo, multiple Whelps could cause the game to glitch. Once the Whelp has collected the cargo, it will drop it on the map for you to collect. Once you've collected the cargo you'll need to deposit it in Sophia's machine. 

Key Card

The Key Card challenge will always be the last of the six challenges, if for whatever reason the Key Card has not appeared, you've done something wrong up until this point. Once the challenge has been activated a drawer below the large computer screen will open and will allow you to pick up a Key Card.

When the Key Card has been obtained, you and your team need to make your way to the Hatchery; you need to place the Key Card into the machine with the red lights. When the Key Card has been inserted a lockdown sequence will be activated. This lockdown sequence will cause four waves of Russian Manglers to attack you. Defend the Key Card machine until the download progress bar is complete. After the Key Card has downloaded, remove the Key Card from the computer and insert it into Sophia's Machine.

Give The Power Core To Nikolai 1.0

When all six challenges have been successfully completed you'll be able to collect a Power Core from Sophia's machine. After the Power Core has been collected make your way to spawn and use the Gauntlet of Siegfried to let the baby dragon deliver the Power Core to Nikolai 1.0.

Gorod Krovi: Nikolai 1.0 Boss Fight

The Nikolai 1.0 boss fight is a tough one, tough enough to warrant it's own seperate guide. Take a deep breath and get ready to beat the Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg!

The Gorod Krovi Boss Fight: How to Kill Nikolai 1.0

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