Black Ops 3: How To Unlock New Melee Weapons In Gorod Krovi

A guide on how to unlock all of your competitive multiplayer favorites in Black Ops 3’s Gorod Krovi.

We already know that Black Ops 3’s new Gorod Krovi map allows players to unlock and use the Wrench melee weapon from the game’s competitive multiplayer component, but if you’ve mastered the art of finishing Zombies rounds quickly, it turns out you can unlock an entire series of new melee weapons in Gorod Krovi.

General Notes

Stocking up on various GobbleGums like Nuke and Insta-Kill will help you quickly complete rounds. Also, all of the below melee weapons take up a weapon slot, which means that you’ll need to find a Mule Kick Perk-a-Cola if you want to equip a melee weapon along with two guns. However, if you have one of the below melee weapons, you can use it both on its own and as your melee attack when holding a gun.


Basically, you have to make it to round six in under five minutes to have the Wrench spawn on a wall board down in the map’s Operations Bunker. Similar to the standard Wall-Buy Bowie Knife, the Wrench can one-hit kill standard zombies up to until round 10 or so.

Malice Dagger

The next unlockable melee weapon in Black Ops 3’s Gorod Krovi map is the Malice Dagger. Earning the dagger requires making it to round 11 in under 13 minutes, at which point it will replace the Wrench on the Operations Bunger wall board. The Malice Dagger can one-hit kill standard zombies up to about round 20.

Slash & Burn Fire Axe

Getting the Slash & Burn Axe requires making it to round 16 in under 24 minutes. Again, the axe will replace the Malice Dagger on the Operations Bunker wall board. The Slash & Burn Axe can hit multiple zombies at once thanks to its wide swing arc, and it can one-hit kill standard zombies up to about round 23.

Fury’s Song Sword

The final unlockable melee weapon in Gorod Krovi, the coveted Fury’s Song sword, requires making it to round 20 in under 32 minutes. Like the Slash & Burn Axe, the Fury’s Song has a wide swing arc, so you can easily kill multiple zombies with a single swing if they’re close enough together, and the Fury’s Song can dispatch standard zombies in a single hit up to about round 30.

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