All Gorod Krovi Wallbuy Weapons And Locations

Find your favorite weapon in Black Ops 3’s Gorod Krovi Zombie map.

Wallbuy weapons are great in Call of Duty Zombie modes because you can resupply ammo off of the wall instead of waiting for a Max Ammo drop. While these weapons may not be as powerful as what you can pull out of the Mystery Box in Gorod Krovi, consider these wallbuy weapons your steady fallback option.


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Same as in Zetsubou No Shima, waiting for you in the spawn area is an RK5 for 500.


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The Sheiva is not the best zombie option due to it’s low magazine capacity. If you are a marksman looking for a challenge, you can find the Sheiva on the outside wall of the Department Store for 500.

Department Store

The Department Store is appropriately titled, you will have plenty of shopping to do here! Make sure you know you’re way around from spawn, here is a Gorod Krovi Map to help out.


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You can find this workhorse wallbuy shotgun for 750. You will be able to see it before you unlock the gate, simply walk forward to find it.


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Up on the second floor is the 750 point Pharo, near the entrance to the Operations Bunker.


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Across from the Pharo is everyone’s favorite fully automatic pistol, for 750.


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Finally, you will find the Kuda on the third floor of the Department Store. The Kuda is the best option in the beginning part of the Gorod Krovi map and can be had for 1200.


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The fast firing VMP is located in the Armory and will set you back 1300. You can reach the Armory from the third floor of the Department Store.

Bowie Knife

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Head over to Dragon Control to find the knife in Gorod Krovi. It will be located up the main staircase, to the right.


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Across from the Bowie Knife (make a left at the top of the main stairs) is the M8A7. It will cost 1500.


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The single slug Argus is available for 1100 in the Infirmary.


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The HVK is located on the Bridge and will cost 1600.


You can find the KN-44 in the Tank Factory for 1400.


The ICR-1 is in the Supply Depot for 1400.

Now that you have your weapons, find out how to Pack-a-Punch them! There a plenty of activities for your Pack-a-Punched weapon, find them all with our Gorod Krovi Guide Hub.

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