Black Ops 3: How To Unlock The Second Secret Song In Gorod Krovi

How to rock out to Ace of Spades while blasting zombies in Black Ops 3’s Gorod Krovi.

If you enjoyed hearing Ace of Spades from Motorhead which plays during the opening cinematic of Black Ops 3’s recently launched Gorod Krovi Zombies map, there’s actually a hidden Easter Egg within the map itself that triggers the song during gameplay. In order to trigger the Ace of Spades musical Easter Egg, you have to find and “activate” (hold down the Square button while standing in front of them) a series of Ace of Spades playing cards which are hidden around the Gorod Krovi map.

Below, you’ll find detailed directions for locating each card so you can unlock the second secret song in Gorod Krovi.

First Card

The first Ace of Spades card in Gorod Krovi can be found tucked within the lower left corner of the chalkboard which is located to the right of the Double-Tap Root Beer Perk-a-Cola machine.

Second Card

To find the second Ace of Spades card, head into the large Dragon’s Command building (the same building which contains the switch for turning on the map’s power), turn to the left, and head up the stairs to find a room with a desk. The card is sitting in plain view on the desk.

Third Card

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The third and final Ace of Spades card cannot be obtained until you’re able to access the map’s Pack-a-Punch machine (a guide for finding and accessing Gorod Krovi's Pack-a-Punch machine can be found here). Once you’re facing the Pack-a-Punch machine, look over to the right and you’ll see another desk with the card on top (the card is covered in shadow so it might be hard to spot from a distance).

Once you activate all three Ace of Spades cards in Gorod Krovi, the infamous Motorhead song should begin playing.

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Video walkthrough courtesy of Riiot//Kyle:

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