Black Ops 3 Gorod Krovi: How To Get The Mangler Helmet

Use our guide to unlock the Mangler Helmet in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Descent DLC Zombie map, Gorod Krovi.

This guide will show you how to get the Mangler Helmet in Gorod Krovi. The Mangler Helmet is incredibly helpful in later rounds due to its benefits, it will reduce damage from manglers by 50% and increase your damage to manglers by 30%. These buffs will have you mowing down the Manglers like they are regular zombies, so read on to get the Mangler Helmet in Gorod Krovi.

Defeating the Manglers

The first step in acquiring the Mangler Helmet is to pop off the helmets of 5 Manglers. There were some reports that you had to kill 20 manglers, or 5, but the actual goal is to destroy a Manglers helmet by landing headshots. Make sure you are hitting the head, because finishing off a Mangler with all body shots will not count towards your progress.

If you are confident in your skills, the quickest way to get the Mangler Helmet is by activating the Dragon Strike crystal. Manglers will be pouring in during the Dragon Strike steps, so you will get the helmet in no time. However, if you are struggling with the Dragon Strike, the Mangler Helmet will help you complete it! Play as you normally would, without activating the crystal, and make sure you are hitting the head whenever a Mangler pops up. This method will take longer, but it should be easier. Once you knock the helmets off of five Manglers, you will hear an audio cue and see a notification on your screen.

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Getting The Mangler Helmet

Return to the spawn area after defeating the Manglers and head to the second floor of the Department Store. This is the same floor as the Valkyrie Helmet, but not the same location. Keep in mind you will only be able to wear one helmet at a time.

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There will be two lamps near the mannequin, head towards the light if you are getting lost. Go up to the mannequin and it should now be wearing the Mangler Helmet. Hold the action button (square on PS4 and X on Xbox) to pick it up! Your new helmet can help out in a lot of Gorod Krovi Easter Eggs, so check out our Gorod Krovi Guide Hub to see what to do next!

Mangler image from PlaytheGame.

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