Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi Dragon Shield Upgrade Guide

Upgrade your Dragon Shield in a matter of minutes with this Black Ops 3 Gorod Krovi upgrade guide.

Gorod Krovi introduced in Black Ops 3's Descent DLC still holds many mysteries for us despite having some of the larger pieces completed. Though we’ve already seen the main Easter Egg completed, which we will have a full guide on shortly, we also have many other tutorials in the works. Recently we covered how to build the Dragon Shield in Gorod Krovi, but in this guide, we will teach you how to upgrade the Dragon Shield to its final state.

This one is pretty easy and straightforward, so follow along and you should have your upgraded Dragon Shield in a matter of minutes!

Starting The Process

Black Ops 3’s Zombies Easter Eggs can be pretty intricate, but this one found in Gorod Krovi is pretty straightforward if you know where to start. Once you have the Dragon Shield built, you can begin the process of upgrading it. The first step in the process is to use the ammo available from the shield, that being the dragon’s burst, in order to get kills. The constant number as of now seems to be 100 kills with the shield and its ammo, but when you think about many zombies one burst can take out, it isn’t so much a challenge that takes skill, just a little bit of time. Once you complete this, you’ll now be able to begin the hunt.

What to Look For

Once you’ve completed the kill requirement for the Dragon Shield you’ll then have to embark on the next portion of the upgrade quest. This can be a little bit tricky because there is no real indication in Gorod Krovi that helps you out immediately. No audio cue, no HUD icon, nothing of use that gives you a hint. Instead, you have to find the marked symbols in three locations around the map, which funny enough translate into “Shoot the light.” That’s the straightforward piece of this step, shoot the lighted symbols once more with ammo from the Dragon Shield. 

Blue Dragon Station

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The first location for the symbols is at the Blue Dragon Station. The Blue Dragon Station is located in the very furthest reaches of what players can access in Gorod Krovi. Make your way over to the catwalk by the Blue Dragon Station, then turn to your left toward the markings on the wall just across the way. As we mentioned, make sure you shoot that symbol with the Dragon Shield’s ammo. From there, you should get an audio clue that will denote you have completed the first of the three symbols. 

Supply Depot

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The Tank FactoryThe next location is within the Supply Depot. Not necessarily the most roomy of places to try and hit an icon in Gorod Krovi, but it is the second location nonetheless. This one is located above the banister, hidden away on a board overlooking the depot. Once you look up and find that, simply do the same thing you did with first symbol. Shoot it with the Dragon Shield’s ammo, and you will once again hear another audio cue denoting that you have completed yet another step, thus bringing you closer to the upgraded Dragon Shield. 

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The final location for the symbols is located within the Tank Factory where the giant robot has fallen in Gorod Krovi. That is actually where the final one is in relation to the area of the map as well. When you go up on the catwalk and view the fallen robot, you’ll be able to see the robot’s arm has the final symbol marked upon it. One final time, shoot the symbol with your Dragon Shield and then you’ll get one final audio clue that you’ve completed that step. 

Completing the Upgrade

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Upon all three symbols being marked by your Dragon Shield, you don’t receive any notice on what to do next, which can be a little bit upsetting but do not fret, the process is complete. At this point there is one final step and that is to simply go back to spawn. Since it is the Dragon Shield, it only makes sense that we have to do something with the fallen dragon at Gorod Krovi’s spawn point. Deposit the Dragon Shield into the stomach of the dragon and it will take it away, a few moments later it will then sprout out an upgraded version — the Tiamat’s Maw.

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From there, you’ve completed the upgrade process and can use the Dragon Shield however you wish. As it stands right now, it seems like the upgraded Dragon Shield has a damage increase from the blasts but whether or not it’s useful to you is all relative. You may not much enjoy using the Dragon Shield in Gorod Krovi for its blasts while others may. Regardless, if you’ve followed this guide, you’ll have been able to upgrade your Dragon Shield in a matter of a few minutes. This Gorod Krovi Easter Egg wasn’t too difficult in the grand scheme of things, but definitely is one that can help you out if you are a shield wielder.

Be sure to stay tuned here at Opshead for more coverage on Gorod Krovi’s Easter Eggs in our Gorod Krovi tips and guide hub including how to get the Dragon Strike in Gorod Krovi. Black Ops 3 Descent DLC is now available for PlayStation 4 users and will be available within the next 30 days for Xbox One and PC.

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