Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi Hints DLC 4 Entitled Revelations

The Easter Egg cutscene in Gorod Krovi hints at Black Ops 3 DLC 4, Revelations. 

During each consecutive Black Ops 3 DLC launch, players all across the world spend hours upon hours scouring the newly-released Zombies map for any signs of Easter Egg material, and Gorod Krovi is certainly no exception. The Zombies community was a little disheartened by the simplicity of the last Easter Egg within the confines of Zetsubou No Shima, prompting the Easter Egg to be completed within the first 36 hours. Gorod Krovi is certainly more intricate, however Easter Egg fanatics managed to hunt down the steps and complete Gorod Krovi’s Easter Egg as fast, if not faster, than the Easter Egg found in Zetsubou No Shima.

Needless to say, the cutscene was nothing short of incredible. Gorod Krovi’s Easter Egg was completed by Twitch streamer SiylissTV but has yet to be completed as of writing this with clean footage that does not include stream overlays and reactions from the completing group. Rest assured that if Gorod Krovi’s Easter Egg is not completed elsewhere by the time of this publication, it will be shortly!

As with other Easter Eggs in Black Ops 3 Zombies maps, the core steps are completed in Gorod Krovi, and then players are able to take on the “boss” in a massive fight. The fight this time is not with a giant Apothicon, or that of a chamber in the forest. This time, players are actually fighting against Nikolai himself. Whereas previously Richtofen was his former evil self, Dempsey was kept in his cryogenic slumber, and Takeo was kept prisoner, Nikolai however is the exception. Instead of being the aftermath of a group battle, we instead fight Nikolai in his armored mech.

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We know that Nikolai is the main focus of this map, which has been hinted at for months now. This was validated by Gorod Krovi’s trailers, as well as the information that came out two weeks ago. The boss fight ends with you disabling Nikolai’s mech and a volley of words from both Nikolai 1.0 and Nikolai 2.0. After the exchange is completed, we know that Nikolai wanted to console his former self, to let him know that he felt the same pain and that he knew where his sorrow stemmed from.

“Some things are forgotten for a reason!” Nikolai 1.0 fires out his pistol from inside the mech and hits Nikolai 2.0 in the strap of his chest plate, merely stunning him momentarily to which he responds by shooting a shotgun shell into his 1.0 version.

It is what needed to be done, but not in the way that Nikolai perhaps would have intended. From there the collection of the soul was done as Richtofen captured Nikolai 1.0’s soul within the summoning key. Pronouncing “the souls have been collected”, Richtofen holds the summoning key to the rift that had opened in the sky above them and our main characters were transported into the rift. From there, we simply read at the end of the cutscene “to be concluded…” and a final screen depicting perhaps what is the fourth and final installment of our Zombies’ DLC within Black Ops 3, entitled Revelations.

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With a direct tie to Revelations, Gorod Krovi serves as nearly a part one of two in a grand conclusion to the Black Ops 3 Zombies’ storyline. The stylization of the Revelations image as well is very reminiscent, if not exactly the same depiction that we saw the during the Origins teaser nearly three years ago. The font, the stone tablet texture, and the patterns upon the wording are mirrors to that of the Origins logo, which to me only furthers the notion of a conclusion and perhaps a grand battle. Focusing on tying loose ends with Primis, the Apothicons and Keepers, as well as the ancient evil, everything is looking very hopeful in my eyes.

The conclusion of Gorod Krovi is certainly just as revealing as we surely hoped for if not more revealing in the sense that we have seen hints to where we will close out the storyline. In conclusion, Gorod Krovi’s Easter Egg has been completed, and continued speculation will grow as a result. It’s brilliant to see a direct connection to a finale, but also a tad saddening to see it drawing nearer to the end. Black Ops 3 Descent DLC, as well as Gorod Krovi, is now available for PlayStation 4 users, and will be coming to Xbox One and PC users within the next 30 days.

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