Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi Dr. Monty Easter Egg

Is Dr. Monty a friend or a foe in Black Ops 3's Gorod Krovi? 

A new Easter Egg which has been discovered in Black Ops 3’s Gorod Krovi Zombies map features mysterious dialogue being spoken by a man who could very well be the illustrious GobbleGum creator, Dr. Monty. Black Ops 3 Zombies players who manage to make it to round 14 in Gorod Krovi are treated to some ominous dialogue that has no point of origin, but which seems to imply that the speaker has been watching the players from the shadows for quite a while:

“I have been watching, I have seen all of your misdeeds… I know who you are. Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Well good! Because it f***ing is!”

More dialogue which is spoken during round 15 implies that the speaker wants to aid the players, but only because the fate of the world may be dictated by their actions:

“The entirety of the universe is fractured and broken…. and since you hold some degree of responsibility for that, guess what? You’re gonna fix it! Look, just do what you usually do. Listen out for radios and things. I’ll help wherever I can.”

The above dialogue is similar to dialogue spoken by the Shadow Man in the Shadows of Evil map, but the voice actors are different, implying that the Gorod Krovi narration is coming from a different character. The only other major Black Ops 3 Zombies character who players know about yet that hasn’t yet been fully revealed is Dr. Monty, the guy responsible for all those GobbleGum machines which pepper each map. Black Ops 3 Zombies director Jason Blundell has also said in the past that Gorod Krovi would be the map in which Dr. Monty’s agenda is revealed, further lending weight to the theory that the mysterious speaker is in fact Dr. Monty himself.

Video walkthrough courtesy of MrDalekJD:

Stay tuned for more Gorod Krovi Easter Egg coverage in the future, and in the meantime, be sure to read our guides for other Gorod Krovi Easter Eggs including how to activate and play the secret song in Gorod Krovi, how to find the hidden Wrench melee weapon in Gorod Krovi, and how to unlock the Dragon Strike ability in Gorod Krovi.

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