Black Ops 3: Viktor Reznov Easter Egg In Gorod Krovi

Could Viktor Reznov be making an appearance in the Zombies storyline?

A clever little Easter Egg hidden in Black Ops 3’s new Gorod Krovi Zombies map makes a direct reference to Call of Duty: World at War character Viktor Reznov, hinting at a possible merging of the Black Ops series’ two different universes. As seasoned World at War/Black Ops players know, Viktor Reznov took part in the Battle of Stalingrad during World War II, the same time and location as Gorod Krovi’s alternate Zombies take on the iconic siege.

While the Black Ops series’ main story campaign and Zombies campaign have been pre-established as being set in different universes, a new Easter Egg in Gorod Krovi manages to blur the lines between the two somewhat. In Gorod Krovi, if you look just to the left of the challenge boards located at the map’s beginning spawn point, you’ll see a faded wooden board which has the text “Vengeance is mine – V.R.” scribbled on it. While the “V.R.” signature isn’t a direct confirmation of Viktor Reznov’s presence, it seems like an awfully convenient coincidence that the sign is found in a location where Reznov was known to be in the base Black Ops storyline.

It should also be noted that “Vengeance” translates to “Vendetta” in Italian, and Vendetta just so happens to be the name of the World at War story level set in Stalingrad where the player first meets Reznov. Fans are already speculating on the possibility of Reznov existing within the Zombies universe, and what it could mean for the future of the Zombies storyline. There’s still one more Zombies map on the way for Black Ops 3, might the current Zombies crew cross paths with an old familiar face?

Video walkthrough courtesy of MrDalekJD:

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