Black Ops 3: Finding The Wrench In Gorod Krovi

Find out how you can use this wrench to “tune up” zombies in Gorod Krovi. 

Hidden weapons have become a staple of Black Ops 3’s Zombies maps, and the newly released Gorod Krovi map is no different. Similar to Der Eisendrache's hidden Plunger melee weapon, Gorod Krovi allows players to find a hidden Wrench melee weapon which can be used to bash zombie skulls in. Read below to find out how you can find the Wrench for yourself. Earning the Wrench in Gorod Krovi

Earning the Wrench in Gorod Krovi actually involves utilizing the new timer mechanic, which you can see by pressing the Select button on the PlayStation 4 controller (you’ll see the timer next to your GobbleGum loadout) . Your goal is to complete round five of the match before five minutes have passed, a tall order to be sure, but one which is also doable as long as you have a quick trigger finger and the right GobbleGums.

It is recommended that you grab the RK5 pistol and use it to quickly dispatch zombies during the first few rounds. Once you get to round three, you should alternate between restocking the RK5’s ammo and buying GobbleGums whenever you can. Recommended GobbleGums to equip include the Perkaholic and power-up-spawning GobbleGums for power-ups like Insta-Kill and Nuke. You’ll know you’ve successfully completed the time trial if a notification pops up at the end of round five. Once you complete the time trial, you want to make your way over to the Operations Bunker using the same path as when you’re turning on the power in Gorod Krovi.  

As you’re heading down into the bunker, you’ll see a wooden board on the left-hand wall, this is where the Wrench spawns. If the Wrench isn’t there when you first arrive, don’t worry as it actually takes a little while to appear. Simply move away from the board, wait for about 20-30 seconds, come back, and it should be there.

Video walkthrough courtesy of Craig98:

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Image credit: Craig98

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