Black Ops 3: How To Get The Dragon Strike In Gorod Krovi

Learn how to activate the Dragon Strike to help you out in sticky situations or decimating hordes in Gorod Krovi.

This guide will show you how to obtain the Dragon Strike in Gorod Krovi and take out large waves of zombies with the might of the dragon. The Dragon Strike is difficult to obtain, though it is extremely powerful and most likely will be an important step for the Main Easter Egg of Gorod Krovi.

Step 1: Open Up/Activate Pack-A-Punch

In order to obtain the Dragon Strike, you must reach the Pack-a-Punch machine. If you are unsure on how to do this, read our guide on how to Pack-A-Punch in Gorod Krovi. It is a relatively long process, which we won’t detail here for the sake of keeping this focused.

Step 2: Activate The Crystal

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Inside the Pack-A-Punch bunker, you’ll be able to find a crystal that is surrounded within a mechanism holding it in place. This is where you need to make sure you’re set up to go. Weaponry of choice should include a Pack-A-Punched weapon or some combo of weapons that not only has ammo but can pack some heat. Once you think you are ready, hold the action button (square on PS4, X on Xbox) to activate the crystal.

Step 3: Survive The Waves

Once the crystal is activated, the bunker will go into a lockdown mode and pit you against four waves of zombies that get progressively tougher. Depending on when you activate this determines how tough it will be, so do this in the earlier rounds if possible. However, stay cautious and ready regardless, the bunker is tremendously close quartered and can throw some obstacles at you. This is the most difficult part of the Dragon Strike.

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The first wave is focused on the bottom floor of the house; the zombies will spill in from the bottom. Once you have completed that wave, it is going to then focus on the top of the house with waves filing in from the top portion. The nice part about the top of the bunker is that for 1000 points, you can use the MG-42 to cut off some zombies before they enter into the bunker. A little disclaimer however: stay alert, the zombies will still get into the bunker no matter how much you shoot the MG-42. Once you complete the third wave of normal zombies, the final wave will be 4 mech zombies. Once again, it is tremendously helpful to have Pack-a-Punched weapons for this point.

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Step 4: Collect the Crystal

Once you finish the four waves, go back to the crystal and add it to your inventory by holding the action button over it. You won’t physically be able to pick it up, similar to the Skull of Nan Sapwe, but you will be able to add it to your playable inventory. The Dragon Strike in Gorod Krovi can be activated by pressing the right button the D-Pad.

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Step 5: Use The Dragon Strike

When you want to use the Dragon Strike in Gorod Krovi, we suggest using it outside, otherwise it will try to call in the strike on top of a roof that will end up blocking the blasts. Once you press right on the 

D-pad, a mystic green icon will show you where the blast will be and the blast radius. Simply call it in wherever you would feel is proper and accept the marking. The zombies will be attracted to it and the dragon will rain down fireballs on the horde, it is a great way to rescue a downed teammate in Gorod Krovi.

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We may see this end up having to help with the Main Easter Egg as well, but it is certainly useful now. Keep your eye on our guide hub for Gorod Krovi, you'll find the latest strategy and Easter Eggs. Now that you have the Dragon Strike, try to unlock the Gauntlet of Siegfried.

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