Black Ops 3: Descent DLC's New GobbleGum Flavors

Get your chew on with the Descent DLC’s new GobbleGum flavors. 

Along with its four new competitive multiplayer maps and the Gorod Krovi Zombies map, Black Ops 3’s Descent DLC also adds in some fun new GobbleGum flavors which can have both practical and hilarious effects on the undead who challenge you during a typical Zombies match. Below is a roundup of all the new GobbleGum flavors that were added as part of the Black Ops 3: Descent DLC map pack.

Classic GobbleGum

Projectile Vomiting

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This is a new Classic category GobbleGum (meaning you don’t craft it like you would Mega GobbleGums) and activates immediately upon finding it, lasting for a total of five rounds. As its name infers, this GobbleGum causes zombies who are killed by a grenade blast or large projectiles (such as from a rocket launcher) to vomit uncontrollably. We do not yet know what practical effect this has (maybe it causes other zombies to slip on the vomit), but at the very least, it should be entertaining to watch.

Mega GobbleGum

Disorderly Combat

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This GobbleGum activates immediately and lasts for a total of five minutes. While it’s active, you receive a new random gun every ten seconds, opening up plenty of possibilities for zombie-slaying mayhem. It could also mean the difference between being wiped out by a powerful foe or blowing them to smithereens.

Slaughter Slide

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If you like to utilize Black Ops 3’s sliding mechanic, this GobbleGum was made for you. With Slaughter Slide active, performing a slide maneuver causes you to generate two powerful explosions which can destroy nearby enemies. There is no time limit for Slaughter Slide, but it only lasts for a total of six slide maneuvers before disappearing, so use your slides wisely.

Crate Power

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This GobbleGum doesn’t trigger until you take a weapon from a Mystery Box. With Crate Power in your possession, the next gun you take from the Mystery Box will automatically be upgraded to its Pack-a-Punched form, allowing you to acquire a Pack-a-Punched weapon much earlier than usual if the conditions are right.

Shopping Free

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This is hands down one of the most useful GobbleGum flavors by far. When you get the Shopping Free GobbleGum, it activates immediately, causing all purchases to be completely free for the next minute. You can grab any Wall-Buy weapon, Pack-a-Punch your equipped weapons, open doors, and spin the Mystery Box to your heart’s content without having to spend any points. Just make sure that, if you have Shopping Free in your GobbleGum loadout, you have a game plan for what you’ll do if you get it from a GobbleGum machine.

For more on Black Ops 3’s new Gorod Krovi Zombies experience, be sure to keep an eye on our constantly updated Gorod Krovi guide and tips hub page which includes guides on how to find and play Gorod Krovi's secret song Easter Egg, and how to activate the Pack-a-Punch machine in Gorod Krovi.

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