Black Ops 3: How To Turn On The Power In Gorod Krovi

Follow this guide to find the power switch in Black Ops 3’s newest Zombies map, Gorod Krovi! 

Similar to previous Black Ops 3 Zombies maps, the new Gorod Krovi map which launched as part of the Descent DLC pack contains a power switch that needs to be turned on in order to access certain map features. In this guide, we’ll help you navigate Gorod Krovi’s war-torn landscape in order to find the power switch and restore power to the map.

Step 1: Head Into The Quick Revive Building

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As soon as you spawn into the map, you’ll see a large circular building dead ahead with the map’s Quick Revive Perk-a-Cola machine off to the left. Once you have enough points, buy your way into the building, turn to the left, and head up the nearby staircase.

Step 2: Access The Juggernog Room

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Once you reach the top of the stairs, turn to the right and you should see another door you can unlock using points. When you have enough points, open the door and you’ll find yourself in a room with the Juggernog Perk-a-Cola machine. There also might be a part for the Dragon Shield special weapon on a chair in the room (be sure to read our guide on how to assemble the Dragon Shield). Head out the back entrance of the room onto a balcony, turn to the right and proceed down the stairs

Step 3: Find The Operations Bunker

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At the bottom of the stairs, you should see some disabled trucks and a sloping ramp leading down to a destroyed brick wall with a sign on the right saying “Operations Bunker” (one of the truck’s headlights is shining on the sign). There are three potential exits out of the Operations Bunker (not counting the one you entered through), and you want to head straight ahead from where you entered (you should be facing a hole through zombies can enter), turn to the right, and buy access to the stairs you are facing.

Step 4: Enter The Dragon’s Command Building

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Go up the stairs you just unlocked, and over to the left you should see a passageway blocked by flaming debris. You can clear the debris using your saved up points. Once the debris is cleared, you can access the imposingly large Dragon’s Command building. Inside the Dragon’s Command building (pretty much straight ahead from where you enter), is a console with the power switch. Flip it on and you’re good to go!

For more on Black Ops 3's Gorod Krovi Zombies map and its many hidden secrets and Easter Eggs, keep an eye on our constantly updating Gorod Krovi guide and tips hub page, and be sure to check out our other guides including how to unlock the Gauntlet of Siegfried special weapon in Gorod Krovi, and how to activate the Pack-a-Punch machine in Gorod Krovi.

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