Black Ops 3: Unlocking The Gauntlet Of Siegfried In Gorod Krovi

Earn the ultimate tool for dispatching zombies up close in Black Ops 3's new Zombies map, Gorod Krovi. 

Unlocking Gorod Krovi’s secret weapon, the Gauntlet of Siegfried (a weapon that functions as a hybrid of Spectre’s Ripper and Firebreak’s Purifier from Black Ops 3’s competitive multiplayer), seems like a pretty straightforward process on the surface. However, it actually requires you to know some of the map’s finer points, especially if you’re going about it all by yourself. Fortunately for you, we’ve got this handy guide which should help you earn your very own Gauntlet of Siegfried.

Step 1: Read Your Challenge Board

Acquiring the Gauntlet of Siegfried requires completing the bottommost challenge on your Gorod Krovi challenge board, so the first thing you’ll want to do is head on over and see what the bottom challenge is. Reports suggest that there are two potential challenges that can occupy the bottom challenge slot, but the most common bottom challenge appears to be a challenge string that starts with getting your hands on a Dragon Egg.

Step 2: Acquire The Dragon Egg

Obtaining the Dragon Egg is actually pretty easy if you know where to find it. Head on over to the room with the Pack-a-Punch machine, head down the stairs, and proceed to the far back of the bottommost level where you’ll see a sewer grate on the floor and a gaping hole in the ceiling above. While facing the sewer grate, if you turn and look up, you’ll spot the Dragon Egg above. Simply shoot the floorboards underneath the Dragon Egg to cause it to fall down to your level where you can pick it up.

Step 3: Bathe The Egg In Fire

The next step requires bathing the Dragon Egg in fire breathed from one of the dragons which patrol Gorod Krovi. Scattered around the map are nests which you can place the Dragon Egg on, so place the Egg and wait for a dragon to come along and do its thing. There are two known nests so far, one which is near the Stamina Up Perk-a-Cola machine, and one that is right outside the Dragon’s Command building.

Step 4: Let The Egg Cool Down

Dragon’s fire tends to be pretty hot, so once the dragon is done bathing your Dragon Egg in fire, you’ll have to let the Egg cool for a bit before you can retrieve it. This can be done by heading over to a different part of the map, waiting two to three rounds, and then heading back to where you placed the Egg. You know you’ll have waited long enough if a prompt appears allowing you to pick the Dragon Egg back up.

Step 5: Kill Napalm Zombies

Once you’ve retrieved the Dragon Egg, the next step of the challenge requires killing Napalm Zombies, which are basically just zombies that have been bathed by dragon fire (Napalm Zombies have glowing purple eyes). Once you kill about 10-15 Napalm Zombies, this part of the challenge should be complete.

Step 6: Get Penetration Multi-Kills

Depending on which weapons you prefer to use, this step might be a bit tricky. Basically, you have to kill multiple zombies using a single bullet with high penetration. Get a gun like the Drakon or a sniper rifle, corral a horde of zombies so they’re coming at you in a straight line, and try to line up headshots so that each bullet can potentially pass through multiple zombie heads at once.

Step 7: Melee Kill Zombies

While melee killing zombies isn’t difficult during the earlier rounds of a Zombies match, any experienced Zombies player knows that it becomes much more difficult in later rounds due to the fact that zombies become both faster and stronger. Fortunately, if you already have Gorod Krovi’s Dragon Shield special weapon unlocked, you can use it to easily rack up the 15 or so melee kills you need.

Step 8: Incubate The Dragon Egg

The final step requires some close-quarters fighting, so make sure you’re adequately prepared before undertaking it. Head back down to the bottom level near the Pack-a-Punch room (where the sewer grate is), and you’ll spot a large green machine in the center of the room. Place your Dragon Egg in the machine and it will start to incubate. During the incubation process you won’t be able to leave the bottom floor which is unfortunate since zombies and robots will swarm in and try to overwhelm you.

After about 30 seconds or so, you’ll hear a loud announcer voice declare that the incubation process is complete, but once again you’ll have to wait for the Dragon Egg to cool down. Head upstairs, hold out for another 2-3 rounds, then reclaim the incubated Dragon Egg. Bring the Egg back to your challenge board, and you’ll be able to complete the bottom challenge and earn the Gauntlet of Siegfried.

Video Walkthrough:

Credit to Craig98 for finding this so early!

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